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If you, a family member or friend are being Terrorized or Victimized by Sedgwick Claims Management Service. You have come to the right place.

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Welcome to the Sedgwick CMS Crime consolidation page.  If You, a family member or friend are being terrorized by David North and his minions you have come to the right place.  Here you will find a collection of information that will better equip you and the ones that you love for the battle ahead.


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This Petition Needs 100K signatures before March 7, 2014!!





Is Tom’s of Maine a “Toxic Employer” ?





Financing the Destruction of American Families
Sedgwick CMS AT&T  True Terror Story

Hellman & Friedman LLC
Stone Point Capital LLC
Sedgwick Claims Management Services


Sedgwick Claims Management Services Launches Vicious Attack Against Former Employee / Whistleblower RE: Bridgestone Tire in Texas Federal Court


US Senator to Feds.  'Investigate Sedgwick CMS Business Practices, Now!'


Insurance Claims Payments


Based on Race?


Apparently Sedgwick CMS Thinks So.



 Click on the Image above or HERE to download the Court Filing Describing these despicable activities. p 12


So my friends the question is quite simple, Why would the companies reflected below be so proud  and even advertise, of business relationships with an entity that refers to ventilator dependent quadriplegic people of color as niggers?


"Partners in Crime"




Ignorant of the facts?



You Decide!




Read the Article Below friends, This piece by Roger Baron provides excellent information for claimants relating to plan documents!


 Service of a ‘proper request’ upon the plan administrator: a
key step in defending against ERISA reimbursement claims




Sedgwick CMS / Home Depot Eledr Abuse Scam




EEOC Files Class Action Lawsuit Against AT&T for Age Discrimination



 Sedgwick CMS
Bank of America
Hellman & Feiedman
A Bad Investment in Healthcare and Human Rights!





Sedgwick CMS named Defendant in Federal Racketeer Influence and Corrupt Organizations Act, 18 USC §1961 et seq (RICO).





So,  just what is Sedgwick Claims Management Services, anyway?


A third party administrator (TPA) is an organization that processes insurance claims or certain aspects of employee benefit plans for a separate entity.[1] This can be viewed as "outsourcing" the administration of the claims processing, since the TPA is performing a task traditionally handled by the company providing the insurance or the company itself. Often, in the case of insurance claims, a TPA handles the claims processing for an employer that self-insures its employees. Thus, the employer is acting as an insurance company and underwrites the risk. The risk of loss remains with the employer, and not with the TPA. The employer may also contract with a reinsurer to pay amounts in excess of a certain threshold, in order to share the risk for potential catastrophic claims. An insurance company may also use a TPA to manage its claims processing, provider networks, utilization review, or membership functions. While some third-party administrators may operate as units of insurance companies, they are often independent.



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Please take the time to read the stories consolidated here and then make the decision to just say no.  It is very important for our readers in government agencies to "protect those, that they are paid to serve".  These people have suffered the most despicable of actions and deserve your attention and support.






Sedgwick CMS Terror Tactics!


Did you know that Sedgwick CMS uses local police agencies to intimidate claimants by filing false police reports and "crank calls" to law enforcement agencies and EMS Services.  The two stories below reveal the terror and humiliation of ATT Employees at the hands of Sedgwick CMS.




Forgery Anyone?


GE Disability Benefits Center and Agents for Metropolitan Life Insurance use Fraudulent Medical Releases "from" University of California Davis Health System to obtain Confidential, HIPAA medical records (Click Here for the full Story)





ERISA Civil Violations


Examples include:


  • Failing to operate the plan prudently and for the exclusive benefit of participants.

  • Using plan assets to benefit certain related parties to the plan, including the plan administrator, the plan sponsor, and parties related to these individuals.

  • Failing to properly value plan assets at their current fair market value, or to hold plan assets in trust.

  • Failing to follow the terms of the plan (unless inconsistent with ERISA).

  • Failing to properly select and monitor service providers.

  • Taking any adverse action against an individual for exercising his or her rights under the plan (e.g., being fired, fined, or otherwise being discriminated against).


ERISA Criminal Provisions


EBSA also conducts investigations of criminal violations regarding employee benefit plans such as embezzlement, kickbacks, and false statements under Title 18 of the U.S. Criminal Code. Prosecution of these criminal violations are handled by U.S. Attorneys' offices, see Criminal Enforcement News Releases. Title 18 contains three statutes which directly address violations involving employee benefit plans:


  • Theft or Embezzlement from Employee Benefit Plan (18 U.S.C. Section 664)

  • False Statements or Concealment of Facts in Relation to Documents Required by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (18 U.S.C. Section 1027)

  • Offer, Acceptance, or Solicitation to Influence Operations of Employee Benefit Plan (18 U.S.C. Section 1954).


ERISA also contains the following criminal provisions:


  • Section 411, Prohibition Against Certain Persons Holding Certain Positions

  • Section 501, Willful Violation of Title I, Part 1

  • Section 511, Coercive Interference. Persons convicted of violations enumerated in section 411 are subject to a bar from holding plan positions or providing services to plans for up to 13 years.




Sedgwick CMS Taking Aim at


America's Veterans









ATT / SBC Tales of Terror!



ATT Travel Policy


Lawsuit against AT&T and Sedgwick a.k.a. (SMAART)-We Need Your Help!


Brent's Story, More tales of Terror


Sedgwick CMS / ATT Disability "Scam" Exposed


Eric's Story


Sedgwick CMS Taking Aim at America's Veterans


Gus in "Gitmo"


Gus goes to the IME


Carol's Story (on the ATT Freedom Fighter Page)


CWA Members, Email us Your Stories! NOW!


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Home Depot Horror!


The Darien Smith Tragedy (Court Documents)


Sedgwick CMS' Lawyer argues to "kill" Mr. Smith.


The Darien Smith Outcome (after 11 years of fighting)


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I worked for FEDEX and injuired my back  (4 discs) and have had 4 surgeries on 2 of the discs.  I have had nothing but problems with Sedgwick, when I have had to go to Workers Comp hearings they never showed up.  They even sent my personal information to a data entry company and someone from the company stole personal informationfrom injured employees all I got was a letter stating that they were sorry and they would pay for the credit reports, I never gave them information to give my inoframtion to anyone or any other company. Isn't that invasion of my privacy.  They always have been hard to deal with I just NEVER giver up and have since been put on disability.  I went from making 16.00 an hour 60 hours a wek to a poverty level.  Its just ashame they are able to treat people the way the do.  I understand that there are some people who try to just get what they can and fake injuries but when a person has a definete injury and have more than one doctor opinion and they still fight you tooth and nail.  It isn't right.  Not only do people go through the pain and suffering of the injury, but also problems with bills, personal pfoblems in their marriages and with their families.  Then y=if the person is allowed to go back to work on any level or if they have to find another job that person if they get a new job is completely under a microscope.  Most of the time they are turned down for a new job in fear they may file a claim against the new employer.  So either way you again get the screws put to you.  There are so many ways that this injury has affected my life and no one wants to be opne and talk about these things.  Not DR. Phil or Oprah, they are all afraid.  It is also a political thing as well.  The insurance companies pay off the  politicians to vote a certain way to protect the insurance companies.  There is more to that than most people know as well, thats another story and a good one too.   But if evvery one gives up[ and these people get off by neglecting their duties to pay for docotors and prescriptions and treatment they will keep doing it.  Keep copies of everything and if you have to send information to the insurance companies do so by delivery confirmation.  DON'T GIVE UP KEEP FIGHTING THEM FOR WHAT IS YOUR RIGHT TO HAVE TREATMENT FOR YOUR ON THE JOB INJURY.


I would sue them for giving my information to the data entry company if I could find an attorney that would take the case.






  1. God Bless all of you for this website! I, too, am in the middle of an
    appeal with these low life, scumbag, pieces of s##t of this earth!

    If my appeal is approved, can I still share my horror story?

    I'm spreading the word and sending this website everywhere to expose
    these low lifes!

    Coincidentally, I have the same HMO (UC Davis in Sacramento) which is the
    HMO on item #4 of your website that UC Davis filed charges with the
    FBI for forgery.
    God Bless UC Davis, too! It happened during the same time frame as my disability and I will be researching public record to find out who the attorney handling this case is!

    Thanks again for providing this service!

  2. sedgewick claims denied my husbands wc claim after he was run ocr by a truck at his work at mill were he delivered chemicls there. he died to week after and me and my kids have nothing. can you tellus who cn help in miss isippi

  3. i am a healthy att employee apx 4 years ago i developed a highly dangerous and contagious staf nfection
    when i called smaart the first thing the girl said was is i find out your lying im gonna take your pay away
    smaarts dr? felt i should be back to work a wk to 10 days earlier than my dr/ so i did not infect anyone i did
    stay out and did not get pd for that time. complaining about the girls threats and attitude did no good.

  4. hi, can I ask something? I been around for 28 years and my mom is terminally ill with cancer. I asked to move my seat to a quiet area, well they said yes, but now because someone complained I have to get a seat accomodation from Smartt. I never heard of such a thing. So I moved my seat and had to move back....I guess the management in my office won't let anyone move their seat without an accomodation from Smartt. I had to go thru a 20 minute grill from SMartt and now my doctor has to release my personal records to smartt that i am indeed stressed. I guess someone else complained because they had to do it, which I knew nothing about. My mother is dying, I wouldn't lie, and I am having a difficult time, but a seat accomodation, is this right, it's such an invasion of privacy. I did not want to get into anything with my boss, but I have been around a long time I never heard that you needed a medical accomodation to move your seat...I moved back to my old seat, but I never heard of such a thing. Smartt made me feel so awkward, so did my boss, it's just a hard time in my life, I just wanted to get an end seat by the window for awhile to get thru a bad period..Thanks for listening.

  5. Unfortunately I can believe everything you say.On Oct 15 2005 while working for AT&T here in Connecticut I fell of the back of my bucket truck shattering my pelvis,fracturing my left femur both wrists and injuring my back.I had to fight with Sedgewick to get my hip replaced.It took 13 months and an attorney to get this done.The stress of this coupled with the fact that they stopped my disability payments every 2 weeks meaning a $36,000 loss of income caused me to have a heart attack 33 days later due in part to the decision on Sedgewicks part to kick me out of a rehab center after 8 days because they didn't think the doctor was correct when he said I should stay for a month because they ran into complications with the surgery causing me to bleed out on the operating table(now they think they are doctors too).So 3 days after Thanksgiving 2006 I am having 4 stents put in my chest to save my life,keep in mind that at the time of my injury I was a physcally fit 51 year old active man.To this day I am still waiting for 2 operations on my back as I have a nerve root protruding from my spine and have 3 vertabrae that need to be fused.All this results in constant pain no matter what I do.I am back to work with this pain and have been taking percocets since the day of my injury.The reason I am still waiting?Sedgewick says I didn't hurt my back in that fall from my truck because I didn't complain about it soon enough.I have another appointment with a workers comp.comm. on April 9.I feel your pain brother.Keep up the fight.

  6. You have a moral compass with superb navigation of our system to define inequities in disability mismanagement. You will change public opinion of the process. I only wish I had one master- my patients. My time is so encumbered by process that I have no time to advance my clinical knowledge, get reasonable and timely consultations and treatment from equally encumbered colleagues. The patient is always the looser! How did we get here? Why do we remain in bondage? When will the medical revolution begin? Will we always be slaves to the medically untrained decision makers in politics who view patients as cost centers with voracious consumer appetites?

  7. I am a 24 father of two who works for walmart. I thought this whole time everything is my fault. I hurt my knee a year ago at work and since have been fighting tooth and nail with Sedgwick. I have an attorney, but all that does is postpone the inevitbale of them destroying my life. I had for tears in my knee and a complete ruptured ACL, all from unloading trucks at work. When I was first injured they would not send me for an MRI or any medical treatment until I retained a lawyer. I have had two surgeries in the past year both requiring massive physical therapy. I have lost everything, moved in with relatives so my children do not suffer. All because they did not send me a check for 6 weeks, would not approve my therapy, I do not know how much more I can take. Today my Dr. calls me telling me we have issues and has yet to return my calls. All I want is my life back and everytime I turn around I am being harrassed, or threatned with my job. I am currently on leave do to my recovery but they are constantly trying force me back to work. After my first surgery I was supposed to be on sedentary duty. That lasted all of two hours before they had me unloading propane tanks. Coincedently I retore my knee. I have informed my lawyer and all of the above. Apparently in the state of Florida the is no pain in suffering for Work Comp and a settelment is voluntary. However I just want my life back and with them assing around I can not even get proper treatment. They are heartless people. The list can go on and on with my experience with Sedgwick. They have even gone as far as having my doctor to release me without seeing me. I pray for anyone who has to deal with this company.

  8. Rob,

    I understand what you are going throught with them, I still deal with them on a regular basis. Because of that reason, can you please just use my intials on no city when it is posted or use fake intials or something. Only because I still fight them and I am currently having to find a new pain management doctor and I really dont want the new doctor to have any problems trying to get their money out of them like the other one did. I did do an interview a couple of years back regarding workers comp and all the bad stuff, there was a reporter out of Dallas that started doing a story on Workers Comp and the more interviews he did the worse the stories got. So he contacted several doctors all around Texas and made the rounds to several cities interviewing patients and doctors and I was one of the injured employees. It is such a political thing when its all said and done thats really what it comes down to. The reporter even had a hard times finding a TV station to even play the story, I think Kens 5 was the station that covered the story.

    If taxpayers realized or knew that the insurance companies tell the injured employees to go and try to get all the public help from state and government organizations that they can get which inturn puts it all back on the taxpayers. Also the Tx Rehab Commission will also help some people.

    It is just such a sad thing what people have to go through and I wish somebody would do a long report on National TV about all that really goes on, it would shock some people.

    Anyway, thanks for getting back to me and hope everything works out for you. If I can do anything let me know.



  9. I’ve been on disability since 12/15/08 for 2 reasons: 1) rear-ended on 12/15/08 which has caused extreme, disabling pain in neck (was already surgically fused at C 5/6/7, with arthritis above/below these levels); and 2) I have a severe sleep disturbance (I typically get no more than 4 hours of sleep a night and only about 6 minutes of REM sleep (or about 10% of what a healthy person should get).

    I have ST and LT disability insurance with Met. They have gamed the system, trying to deny me ST disability payments, then paying, then closing, etc three times in the 4 months they've been liable for paying me.

    They repeatedly refused to provide me with a copy of our contract (with my obligations and their obligations): a violation of ERISA.

    Most recently, Met had two specialists they paid opine that I am not disabled and they have closed my case, yet again. The reasons these two doc's gave for me not being disabled have little/nothing to do with the basis for my disabilities. I am disabled because of

    1) intense pain in neck (arms & hands) and 2) constant sleep deprivation. Both of these things prevent me from thinking clearly, focusing and prevent me from being able to fulfill the responsibilities of a job. Met's doctors said I am not disabled because 1) I have reported that I don't have increased numbness or functionability in my arms/hands since my 2000 diskectomy (my claim is due to intense pain, not functionability) and

    2) The sleep apnea I have seems to have been considerably mitigated by sleeping with a manibular device in my mouth (yet again, this is immaterial and peripheral to my claim, which is that I am constantly sleep deprived and can't mentally function on anything approaching a consistent basis--my December sleep study seems to confirm that the sleep apnea I have is considerably mitigated by the manibular device I now sleep with--however the same sleep study also showed that I had poor sleep efficiency of 49%, sleeping only 4.1 hours out of 8.3 hours in bed. Most importantly, REM sleep--the sleep our bodies/minds most needs--was only 6 minutes. In the average, healthy sleep pattern of 8 hours a night, a person should have from 58 - 96 minutes. So, I am achieving less than 10% of what a healthy body needs). Met's doctors have based their opinion that I am not disabled completely on unscientific, irresponsible, irrelevant guesses and assumptions that either have no relationship to the basis of my disability or are directly contradicted by the facts surrounding my claim

  10. This started out slow and got better and then fell apart. My claim was filed September 05 and I finally was able to get the surgery that my Dr said was necessary August 2007. After Rehab there was more damage and the Dr wanted to do another surgery. After going through MRI I was waiting for 5 more months to get the next surgery. More rehab and my right shoulder is still in pain. And Sedgwick sent me to the IME. I received the report along with my lawyer. On the report the Dr that did the IME said I am permanently partially disabled with ( impingement syndrome and rotator cuff syndrome) this is where it fell apart. Sedgthugs will not return the calls from me or my lawyer. On Christmas Eve I received a letter stating that my benefits had been discontinued as of 12/13/08. Sedgwick has not contacted the state Dept of labor and industries and until they do there are no more benefits. In my humble opinion they won’t, or they will have to pay for school to retrain me as the doctors have said I can not do my old job.

  11. AT&T is trying cuts its workers' health benefits. In contract
    negotiations with CWA, the telecom giant has proposed huge
    increases in health care costs for its workers and their
    families - in some cases tripling what they would pay.

    Even though its profits continue to grow, the telecom giant is
    trying to use the current recession as an excuse to squeeze its
    workers out of the benefits they've earned. Given our nation's
    economic condition, a strong company like AT&T should be leading
    the way, showing how America can grow jobs, build communities,
    and achieve guaranteed health care for everyone.

    Click on the link below to write to your members of Congress and
    urge them to contact AT&T's CEO Randall Stephenson about his
    company's attempts to cut our benefits.

  12. I am submitting this appeal based on the fact I was diagnosed with pregnancy induced hypertension @ 35 weeks pregnant. My doctor Ernesto Graham ordered strict bed rest with orders to only get up to use the bathroom. I submitted my short term claim on January 12th. My due date was February 11th. But if my blood pressure worsened or preemclapsia was found there would be an induction needed. The doctor ordered the bed rest so my baby would at least get to 38 weeks before having to be delivered. My case worker assigned was Dwight Dickson. He advised while doing my initial claim all I do is sit, talk and type, and I explained my job as a customer service rep is stressful and raises my blood pressure as well as the swelling that I had was severe and I actually have to lay on my left side with my feet up all day. My doctors office faxed him the paperwork on 1/13/2009. I had an appointment on 1/21/09 and the Drs office closed because we had a snow day. My Dickson called me the next morning and asked why I missed the appointment. I explained it was a snow day and I was rescheduled for that day, he advised me it had iced in Texas and he made it to work just fine. My doctor’s office called Sedgwick and spoke to Dwight Dickson who advised he had all the information he needed, the receptionist felt he was rude to her and she requested his manager J. Donaldson who advised her she didn’t send a chart that was needed. She advised she faxed it 1/13/09 and she then re-faxed it to him. He advised her at the time he didn’t know why Dwight Dickson hadn’t given him the chart. She explained to him she didn’t want Mr. Dickson to contact me anymore since upsetting me only worsened my blood pressure and he agreed he wouldn’t. Mr. Dickson then contacted me on 01/27/09 and advised me he didn’t have enough information from my doctor. I explained I had been at the hospital the night before but I was a few days from being 38 wks so I was sent home. Mr. Dickson then demanded I get my information from the hospital as in my record of contractions and blood pressures. I went to the hospital even though I was supposed to be on bed rest, and was advised by records they don’t keep copies of that information. I called Mr. Dickson and he said well then he didn’t have enough information. The next day on 1/28/09 I had my DR appointment and there was protein in my urine again, and the Dr scheduled induction for 1/29/09. I called Sedgwick and explained I was being induced and was told by Mr. Dickson we will pay for your maternity leave. I requested to speak to his manager. Mr. J. Donaldson asked me what made me so special that I needed to be on bed rest and then asked me what preemclapsia is , I explained high blood pressure, severe swelling, could have a stroke and or cause death to mother or fetus or both. I also explained what made me special is the precious life of my daughter and that I was being induced and my Dr wouldn’t schedule such a procedure if he didn’t feel it was an emergency and that he could google PIH and that itself would explain you are supposed to be on bed rest until you are induced. On January 30th I was in labor and Mr. Dickson called me to tell me I was denied for std from 1/12/09 to 1/30/09 provided I had the baby the next day. I was in labor my baby’s heart rate shot up to 185, he caused me to cry while giving birth about my job and how I was going to feed the baby. I actually had to make a call out to work to see what was going to happen.
    I do not feel I was treated fair and I do feel this was discrimination! I had a male caseworker actually ask me what makes me so special that I would need bed rest when I had a high risk pregnancy. My daughter’s life is special and I was not going to ignore my Drs orders to be on strict bed rest until induction could be done. I was treated harshly by the case workers. I am also submitting a grievance with my local union. No pregnant woman should have to endure this treatment.

  13. Sedgwick CMS sucks!!! I work for at&t and I am on medical leave because of severe depression and other emotional problems. Dealing with Sedgwick CMS is like dealing with NORTH KOREA!!! I think they should all be gathered up like the foul beasts that they are, caged up and sent to GITMO PRISON CAMP!!! Their customer service agents that initially answer the phone tell you one story, you speak to a "case manager" with a mannerism that must have been taught to them by mimicking Adolf Hitler, and they tell you a completely different story and treat you like trash. I have requested to speak to a supervisor who must have been trained in psychological warfare and they, with a forked-tongue, will lie to you and send your case back to first person who treated you like trash! That is the furthest I have gotten but I suggest to anyone and everyone that is dealing with them to get an attorney if they have not already done so.

  14. Sedgwick CMS is evil, their representatives are evil and Home Depot is evil. I am a victim of both.

  15. Hello,

    I can't believe this. Has my quest for justice come true? Sedgwick CMS, Inc. has been harassing and threatening me for over 5 years now with my Workers Compensation Claims. I am so glad someone is really socking it to them!!!! Hope I am able to do the same!!!

  16. This is to Rob,

    I am at the library and would like to email you, but it is restricted on here. I have been versing Home Depot and Sedgwick CMS for over 5 years now. My personal info was compromised while I was still employed with Home Depot (within the company) and right after I had my surgery, the Department of Revenue Services notified me that my personal info was compromised in that office. Two months later, People/NY Mellon Bank notified me of the same. My life has been a living nightmare. Metlife was a company I have dealt with for my disability benefits as well. They are a bunch of crooks as well. My email is:

  17. I actually work for American Express. I have a salary continuation claim currently in denial after being approved for a couple months. The problem is related to my back. I have documented proof with a CT scan from last year and numerous treatments to correct the problem that have done no good. During my treatment I ended up getting divorced and with the realization of neuro surgery in my near future I moved back for now to my home in Sacramento from Jacksonville, FL. Well the neuro surgeons out here specializing in problems with the spine are busy cause the first appointment was over a month and a half after I finally got records transferred out here. I was told by Sedgewick that without a test or something to show I can not do my job they would not re-approve me. They had a doctor to doctor conference and the doctor hired by Sedgewick advised my doctor I was seeing back in Florida to order an FCE (Functional Capacity Evaluation) which is all good and fine except it is not covered by most insurances and I would have to pay out of pocket. My insurance advised that since Sedgewick is requiring this test basically to approve my claim they should pay but of course Sedgewick is claiming they never solicit any exams or anything so they refuse to pay but they are requiring some test to prove my back is as bad as the office visit notes they have are. I advised I seen the info they have and it shows more than enough to me and my other doctors of problems I have. I would like to say I am shocked to see so many problems with this company but I am not. When I advised the supervisor that is handling my claim that I would consult an attorney she had a line all ready for it saying if I hired a lawyer they could no longer talk to me. The problem is if I hire a lawyer I won't see anything from it for sometime. I have till May 21 to get my appeal in but reading over everything they deny over 80% of appeals. help....

  18. Sedgwick has denied me any STD...they refuse to accept any medical statements from doctor, or from the Department of Veterans affairs that I fall under the ADA, or that I have a medical condition that cause me to be out sick. The company I work for will not allow me to return to work in spite of the fact that my doctor release me with physical recommendations. I have no money, I have job, unless I have the doctor sign a letter/note stating I can return to work with no limitations or disabilities. Sedgwick apparently has the final authority to say if I am a disable veteran, and if I fall under the American Disability Act 1990. According to the company's HR manager, Sedgwick has denied my claims because I don't for qualify for payment under the company's Disability Plan, and my Return to Work date is being denied.

  19. I am just another injured worker, but if I were you, I would seek an attorney.

  20. OMG! I work for GE and it was a BIG secret that Sedgwick is actually manning the GE Disaibility Benefits Center in MN. We all thought it was actually a PART of GE. Anyway, my horror story is a bit different. I filed Title VII suit against GE for discrimination, based on gender. Just as the investigation was HEATING up - I get sent for a forced FFD psych evaluation by doctos sub-contracted by GE! Naturally, the find me "Not Fit for Duty" based on no collateral evidence! My office is padlocked, my computer confiscated, and a gag order put on my employees and colleagues! Sedgwick starts paying my salary continuation benefits at 100% and I didn't even sign an application requesting it! I kept trying to fight it, telling Sedgwick that it was the company trying to get me out of the site for PR reasons. They were hearing none of it and insisted on paying my benefits - until the investigation was completed by the EEOC. By this time, the fear had been put into my witnesses - none of which were even called to testify --- so no probable cause was found - of course. Then as coincidence would have it - at the VERY SAME TIME, GE Disability terminates the salary continuation benefits claiming that the doctor they FORCED me to go to didn't send evidence that matches disability. I've not been paid for 2 months!! My claim is in that LA-LA land they call "appeal." They did psychological damage to me when they forced me out on a pretense, now that don't want to cover it! They are whores for GE.....

  21. Dear, Anonymous OMG!

    I am happy that you chose to share your story and I hope you find an excellent attorney even more. I believe that "we" are very close to forming a group that can move forward with a class action against GE, Sedgwick or maybe even both. I hope that you have the opportunity to surface the "other information" that we discussed

    Rob Delsman

  22. I work for AT&T in the DSL Tier 1 operations in Louisville KY. I am fighting with Sedgwick CMS for Temporary Disability Benefits. They have lied to me several times and every time I speak to anyone that works there they tell me a completely new story (LIES) compared to what I was told (LIES) by the previous person. I suffer from an Adjustment Disorder with depressive moods and anxiety attacks. My mental health has suffered drastically and I am constantly depressed. I want to stay in isolation most of the time. I am unable to return back to work because of my depression. Because my benefits were denied and I have been unable to work I have lost my apartment, I am deeper in debt and everything that they have asked for from my doctor he has given them and they keep saying "Proper paper work has not been turned in!" They refuse to look at my past medical records that prove that I have been diagnosed with the aforesaid ajustment disorder and how I respond to stressful situations. They have a copy of all my medical records. I am do depressed I just don't know what to do. I have asked them to have their doctors call my doctors, which was recommended by a sedgthug CSR. I was told by Scilia Lopez (case manager), Patricaia Pickerings (case manager) and Heather Riley (case manager supervisor) that they would not take my documented mental health diagnosis into account! I am gathering all of my medical records so I can have them to take to an attorney. I have a few more doctor appointments comming up and they keep telling me to just send in more medical records. I am also disgusted because I had scheduled to use all my vacation/PDO and sick days in advance because I needed some sort of income. When I noticed I had not been paid I was then informed by Lisa Grant (AT&T Operations Manager of the force desk)that I could not use my vacation/PDO/ or sick days while I had a pending claim with Sedgwick. She had plenty of time to inform me as well as did Sarah Caswell (Attendance Manager) when they knew I was trying to get paid for those days, but neither of them did until the last minute! I am just disgusted with all of this.

  23. i have never been injured at work or have done a truck in my life. sedgwick treated very unfair when i worked at walgreens i got hurt doing a truck. had a MRI the results showed i had a 65% tear in my left shoulder i was hurt with a box and totes all over. didn't feel the pain right away i didn't tell anyone didn't think it was serious was my fourth day on the job. when i did report it to Sedgwick i had a worker call me jean defroncois he said my story didn't match with the assistant manager and denied me my claim or any medical attention my they were just awful and unfair me my shoulder will never be the same. Walgreens lied and didn't want to take any responsiblity. i know it was my mistake i should of immediately reported it they didn't make an incident report ether. this happened in chandler az

  24. Boo hoo hoo, read your disability guide and learn how to work the system you cry babies. Yes you have to get permission to travel but come on, if you are going somewhere that's important, I bet you already knew of the trip and should have told your case manager way ahead of time. The policy says YOU MUST GET PERMISSION to travel overnight or beyond 60 miles FIRST before doing the travel, if you don't, your benefits are terminated. It says that right in the plan book that is mailed to you when you first file your claim. READ IT

  25. Wow Friends,
    Obviously a Sedgthug comment posted above. Interestingly enough the Thugs at Sedgwick CMS have spent the better part of the morning reading YOUR comments, right here on the Sedgwick CMS Crime Log. Excellent!!

  26. Rob,

    Please keep up the good work. You certainly "enlightened" me about these TPA's. I thought While it is disgusting that this type of abuse is permitted, still, we must use the numbers to our advantage and continue getting the word to our legislators. Keep spreading the word...I was really interested in that piece about GE using Sedgwick against that employee who had filed a Title VII charge. Hope to hear more about that soon. I have a close friend who has been in that very same situation with his company. Keep us posted!

    God Bless!!

  27. OH HELL NO!!

    Ok, just when I thought the games were through and I would be going BACK to work off of forced leave; GE/Sedgwick are now FORCING me to stay on the FORCED STD as a result of my Title VII litigation. GE and Sedgwick are MANDATING I go through yet another FFD psych test by a doctor of their choosing so they can continue to screw over me! Both of my medical doctors have CERTIFED me to return to work!! It's just one retaliation after another! Don't they get it? They continue to deliberately, with fore-thought and malice, discriminate and retaliate against me. I've contacted the Department of Justice about it since it now involves ADA...

  28. Oh Hell Yes,

    Unfortunately these vial thugs will continue this type of activity until they are stopped, tried, convicted then put in jail. A slow process at best. Fortunately we have the Court of Public Opinion that works much faster than the conventional legal system to get YOUR Stories out!

  29. Rob,

    Is there a chance that other companies keep the fact that Sedgwick is their TPA a secret like GE does? I mean "egg-on-my face" but I had no clue that GE Disability Benefits Center was ACTUALLY administered by Sedgwick until I saw your web-site, God Bless! The thing is if most companies keep that a secret - every form, letter, envelope, etc that I received made no mention of Sedgwick - then a lot of people think that what is being "quoted as policy" is simply specific to their company, and may not want to raise a fuss. True, in the case of GE and Sedgwick, it is a relationship conceived in Hell, but maybe other people don't realize that they have potential federal and state claims available against Sedgwick. If there is a Sedgwick company client list out there, I couldn't find it. How available is that information do you think? Do you know all of the companies that use Sedgwick as their TPA?

  30. Dear Anonymous,
    Unfortunately for the civilized world, Sedgwick CMS claims to be the largest third party administrator in the US and is invading Canada as well.
    I have been able to find client lists in other states like OR by searching “self insured entities”. Public agencies, city, county, academic and others list their risk managers and disability benefit procedures in documents that can often be found online.
    For example, If you Google “UC Davis Sedgwick CMS” that will lead to documents that identify Sedgwick’s association with the UC Davis system and the UC Davis Health System as well.
    Happy Searching,

  31. OH YES, these bastards are doing the same crap to me as well! I've been on STD for 2 months and have been denied to "insufficient medical records". I work for AT&T, and have not recieved a penny from them. They have also cancelled my insurance and back dated it to the day of my LOA. Sedgwick has received every piece of information they could possibly need and they still say it's not enough! Time to seek an attorney. I'm so glad I found this website because NOW I KNOW THEY REALLY ARE BASTARDS!

  32. Wow, Do we not live in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, LAND OF THE FREE, HOME OF THE BRAVE? I just learned of this site too, and will now avidly follow it. AT&T first started retaliating against me, really a personal thing with writing a grievance against my manager, that then turned into the company trying to coerce me to quit, retaliation, etc. Now that Sedgwick entered the picture at the end of 2008, they have received the ball to continue with the rataliation, discrimination, intimidation, etc!! I swear I can't believe the government hasn't shut this company down. Their actions directly and substantially contribute to the healthcare crisis in America.

  33. You know, I have complaints with the EEOC, DOL. I sent a letter in request of my medical records to our old third party admin, who told me that they turned all the information over to Sedgwick. I know this is a lie, as they are required by law to keep records of everything for 5 years. I then sent the same request to Sedgwick, the return letter stated that their policy is that they only give documents in reference to denied claims. However, I am requesting only due to stolen fmla time, and need a way to prove it. We should all start posting our locations, so everyone can see just how widespread this is. I am in Springfield, IL.

  34. Hopefully new health reform will help put Sedgwick in line but of course I doubt it. As a former employee I can say that Sedgwick doesn't treat their employees any better than their clients. It is a horrible company.

  35. Is there a class action lawsuit for ATT and Sedgwick? My doctor submitted everything when I was placed on bedrest at 33 weeks pregnant with PRE-term contractions and was told by Sedgwick that contractions didn't mean anything in pregancy.

  36. I have been an ATT employee for almost 10 years with a near perfect attendance record and excellent evaluations.

    My story starts when I was 30 weeks pregnant and started having contractions and a lot of abdominal pain. My manager kept telling me I needed to go see the doctor as I was having a lot of problems sitting doing my service rep job. I was completely unable to concentrate thru the contractions and I just hurt so bad.

    Well I did go see my OBGYN doctor 2 weeks later and she advised me to increase my fluid intake and rest as much as posible and come to see her the following week. When I went back the next week she ordered me to bedrest and weekly non stress test and doctor visits for pre-term contractions and severe abdominal pain.

    I called my manager and told her and she said that was good and I needed to call SMAART. I really thought no big deal. I had used them twice before with no problems when I had my other 2 children after a completely normal pregnancies.

    My case manager was so rude and completely stressed me out(the last thing I needed). Her exact words to me were "if all you do is sit, talk and type I don't understand why you can't do your job" I knew right then it was going to be HELL. I just told her she needed to call my doctor for all the infomation. She was the one who ordered me to bedrest and I didn't get to choose my treatment, nor was I going to listen to someone with no medical training.

    Sedgwick called my doctors office and they were so rude to everyone there. They were questioning my doctor and even told her office that PRE-term contractions meant nothing. They ended up denying my claim and also my appeal.

    My FMLA was approved so I guess I was sick enough to be off work but not sick enough to get paid for it.

    My case manager said it was denied based on my plan, but she could not tell me what that meant. I really don't know where to go from here. They said I needed to contact a lawyer if I wanted to proceed any further.

    If you have any questions let me know. This is so ridiculous none of the doctors around here can stand ATT.

    Thank you,

  37. Dear Anonymous,
    Unfortunately yours is not the first case that we have recorded that involves Sedgwick CMS torturing and terrorizing expectant mothers and their unborn children, there have been others. It is incomprehensible that here, in the United States of America such despicable behavior could exist in the public eye and a company like ATT would condone such behavior from a vendor towards their employees.
    In a recent lawsuit that Sedgwick CMS filed against me, they asserted that Sedgwick CMS CEO, David North lives in Bellevue, IA. You might consider writing letters to the local news outlets there, the BBB the Chamber of Commerce and local government agencies that might be interested in the activities of David North and his minions at Sedgwick.
    Also, Senator Chuck Grassley (R) IA might like to hear your story as well.
    I believe that if enough people “make enough noise” regarding the despicable actions of Sedgwick CMS, David North and their clients (like ATT) that things can and will change.


  38. Rob,

    You and your web-site have truly been the voice of reason and an "island of sanity" throughout the last 6 months of corporate bullying GE-style. I have been blessed with physican's who truly see through the "Sedg-Sludge" and understand GE brings many not-so-good-things-to-life. Through your weblog which reaches many - you are enlightening and building momentmum that hopefully will bring the much-needed change to this system, and enforcement of laws that are already in place! I've involved the Dept. of Justice, the Dept. of Labor, the Atty General, the Dept. of Health & Human Services, EEOC, Bill O'Reilly and I have faith, somewhere out there, someone will listen. You very appropriately labeled this exactly what it is: DOMESTIC TERRORISM. IT IS DESPICABLE BEHAVIOR DRIVEN BY GREED AND PAID FOR BY HUMAN LIVES. It makes me sick. Keep exposing the bastards.

    Bless you!!


  39. I have filed a claim for STD, was denied, am now appealing and in the middle of this all, my medical was discontinued, I am still employed by by my CO. which at this time,I will not mention their name. Now I am being forced into COBRA. I am in a 26 to 48 week treatment for Hepatitis C and without medical coverage. I won't be able to continue with my treatment due to the Sethugs who cancelled by benefits with their cronies United Health Care.

    SCREW THESE BASTARDS!!!!!! I hope North and Posey both get AIDS!!!

  40. Oh what the hell, In my post above I work for AT&T. Heck, maybe we should add Randolph Stephenson to the wanted posters also.

  41. I have some stories about the Sedg-Thugs...and I will tell them after my appeal wit them is over. Your website and the information posted is so true and I thought AT&T was the only GREEDY corpration that used Sedgwick CMS....I'll be back with more, Keep up the good work.
    Anonymous (for now)in California
    I don't give in to the Sedg-Slimealls and their intimidation....

  42. Dear Anonymous Friend,
    Please don’t fight your battle alone as there are people that you can talk to. All of us that have fought long and hard in the Sedgwars certainly have an understanding of the terror and torture that you and your family have endured!
    The brutal tactics that are employed by Sedgwick (and your employer for using Sedgwick) can certainly have long term effects that can be devastating to you and your children. We have received numerous stories of the brutal tactics used on expectant mothers and their unborn children that reflect the most despicable behavior of the lowest class of the human race.
    Don’t let David North and his jackbooted band of brown shirts destroy your family, send us a letter with your particulars and we will add you to a list of people that are forming a class action against Sedgwick CMS and ATT. There are several law firms that are extremely interested once we have a sufficient number, and we are very close!

  43. TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 13 > § 242Prev | Next § 242. Deprivation of rights under color of law
    How Current is This? Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

    These crimes committed against you have been noted By the FBI,United States Justice Department and DHHS OCR. However, the corruption runs deep right into our nations Capital... File your complaints with the FBI or US Attorney General. Many Attorney's and Doctor's have conspired with Sedgwick.So be very careful about who you discuss your issues with!

  44. Title 18, U.S.C., Section 241
    Conspiracy Against Rights

    This statute makes it unlawful for two or more persons to conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person of any state, territory or district in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him/her by the Constitution or the laws of the United States, (or because of his/her having exercised the same).

    It further makes it unlawful for two or more persons to go in disguise on the highway or on the premises of another with the intent to prevent or hinder his/her free exercise or enjoyment of any rights so secured.

    Punishment varies from a fine or imprisonment of up to ten years, or both; and if death results, or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years, or for life, or may be sentenced to death.

    These crimes committed against you have been noted By the FBI,United States Justice Department and DHHS OCR. However, the corruption runs deep right into our nations Capital... File your complaints with the FBI or US Attorney General. Many Attorney's and Doctor's have conspired with Sedgwick.So be very careful about who you discuss your issues with!

  45. All fifty states has an Insurance commission which regulates Third Party Adminstrator, Sedgwick CMS is A TPA. Check under your state Statute for violations of Law including your rights that has been violated! The more complaints filed with State Insurance Commission will prompt Action from Attorney General office and revoke Segdwick License in your state!

  46. You Get more accomplished with a pen and a smile that a foul mouth and a sword! File your complaints with the proper authorities Now!

  47. Temporarily Anonymous in California,

    In my opinion...The Sedg-Sludge Slimeballs actively pratice in the following:
    1)Violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) in the handling of workers’ compensation claims as well as Any and all disability claims which they handle. Specifically, the plaintiffs claim that the employer, the employer’s TPA, and a doctor engage in fraud for the purpose of denying workers’ compensation benefits when they reach determinations that the disabilities claimes are not work related.
    2) Unfair determinations of denying disability benefits and worker's compensation benefits by using Physician Advisors who render meaningless advice to harass and EXTORT the unfortunate disabled / injured people many of whom these Physicain Advisors never have met nor examined those of us who have to deal with the Unjust system the "Sedgwick System" of hell and denial.

    Keep on fighting these unethical, unrelentless, uncaring, inhumane people and their unfair practice of treating all of us telling our stories on this website....let me know hoew to contact you via this blog...

  48. Temporarily Anonymous in California,

    Send a letter to 3890 Little Fairfield St.
    Eureka, CA. 95503

  49. I worked at JCI in Seattle. Sedgwick bought the comapany.They gave us a song and dance about benefits and the company. They were so nice and treated us to delicious lunches and gave us little gifts. Then the other shoe dropped. They started firing people. Most of the people they fired were 40 or older and had worked in the office for 10 or more years. Meanwhile, they were always hiring new people--younger people. They had wave after wave of layoff. I ended up going in the 4 wave. They gave me 3 weeks' notice. During that time there was an opening--but was I offered it--No. They gave me a measly two-months' severance pay. They did not give us job placement assistance. Dan Whitlow didn't even bother to thank me for a job well done for 14 years.

  50. First of all, The United States Postal Service only works when you send your mail certified.Do not make this mistake. Smart people get injured, so do stupid people. Segwick banks on the fact that you are an honest person, so you don't think that you need a lawyer, and they will take care of everything.Do not believe anything that they say,you will not be properly informed of the precipice you are about to fall over.You must be your own advocate (I wasn't) You must yell, scream, complain, call your drs. daily call your claims manager daily and do not stop until you get your injuries fixed!Do you know that KROGER INC. owns fred meyer Inc. Ralphs,food 4 less,and many other retail grocery chains. Do you know who thier TPA is? Guess SEGWICK.I live in Portland , Oregon. I gave a total of 16 years to Fred Meyer Inc. working in the meat dept. I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, right shoulder impingement and torn rotator cuff(all in one claim)in 2007.Segwick accepted the least of my problems they deny the worst of my problems. They sent me to vocational school to train for a new career (5 mos.) They paid a construction company a stipend so I could learn and gain occupational skills training for 3 months.My lawyer is appealing the denials,my disability pay stopped the last day of occupational skills.Fred Meyer Inc. sent me a letter advising me that I am administratively discharged. For three months I have tried to survive on 132.00 a week unemployment benefits.I am not ungrateful and I am happy to at least get this money. I have requested a hearing on the denial for base year extension(Oregon unemployment dept.)You must be unable to perform any work or gainful occupation due to injury, mental,physical disability.I stood at the entrance of the store, greeting customers,in pain and on pain meds for 40-46 hours per week for 12 months(this is your punishment for getting injured at work, they named it greeter,light duty work).Then Fred Meyer say's sorry we no longer have any work for you. They take an employee of 16 years making a living wage$18.14 per hour,and humiliate,discriminate and leave you to die with a cardboard box under the burnside Bridge.If I want to keep my health and welfare benefits I can send $615.00 per month.Where am I? Is this America? How do I immigrate to Canada so I can get my shoulder fixed and hopefully be a productive member of society once again?The lady at the unemployment office even knows what they do..."Oh, you found that out".... "They train alot of injured worker's for that occupation".Except that occupation requires a bachelors of science before you can even be tested for a certification."Do you have a list for the food banks? " Segwick Claims management should not be allowed to do business in the united States of America..or anywhere else that humans or animals live.
    One last not "the hottest places in hell are reserved for those that when faced with a moral crisis....choose neutrality"

  51. If we could get a CEO from SEDGWICK CMS to come forward... like Wendell Potter of CIGNA did.... watch learn listen

  52. Dear Anonymous Friend in Oregon,

    First of all, thanks for leaving your comment on the Sedgwick CMS Crime Log. I sincerely believe that we WILL make a difference especially in regards to today’s economy and political climate.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (only a simple consumer) to observe the domestic terror being perpetrated against America’s sick injured, disabled and uninsured in this once great nation.

    Unfortunately, these despicable activities will not be curbed soon or cured by our lame duck lawmakers (the Senate Finance Committee) without IMMEDIATE public action.
    It is simply not enough to hope that things will get better soon while citizens of this once great land are going hungry, losing their homes and families to an insurance system that has denigrated to a “murder for money” mentality. Don’t be shocked friends when I use the word murder, for there is no other MORAL Explanation, period. When a legitimate claim is continually denied by an insurance company, their Third Party Administrator TPA (Like Sedgwick CMS) and the claimant commits suicide as a result, morally, it is Murder.
    We have written just such stories on the blog at:
    Our best advice is as follows: Don’t break the law, (they would love nothing more), if you can afford it or have friends that can, print flyers and pass them out at their places of business, let their customers know the type of despicable business associates that they “lay down with” , in order to make a profit. Peacefully and purposefully demonstrate at their place of business (check with the local police first) as many public places allow for such activities.
    Information, information, information, get it there to the consuming public and use specifics that the “common man” can relate to. Contact the local media (not much luck for me) and let them know that you are publically addressing an issue of public concern that is a very import issue that concerns us all.

  53. Thank you....I appreciate your hard work and dedication more than you will ever know...God bless you

  54. Thanks for this website. I am a victim too. Wal-mart and Sedgwick CMS in Florida. Its unbelieveable when employer hook up with adjustors to want a employee to drive on drugs, to drop off papers and no one is there. Again. Please, let me know when class action lawsuit starts, I lost everything I owned , with two women one department had internal injuries from heavy lifting, and heavy lifting is notin scope of employment.

    One day this abuse to others will not happen.
    anomymous at this time

  55. I worked for a local company and Sedgwick CMS purchased the company when the owners retired. Just before that happened three women were riffed--I suspect as a condition of purchase. One day we were called into a meeting and told that Sedgwick had purchased the company and we would get more benefits. The next morning we had a meeting and they served some delicious food. They told us how happy they were to have us work for Sedgwick. They told us about the benefits. Everything was great. We had parties and luncheons and we got gifts, caculators, pens, blankets--T-shirts, bags, etc. We got pensions. They took that away. Those who were covered by pensions were fired. They told us the company was growing and taking on new business. After about three or four months they laid off some people while hiring new people. A few months after that I took a vacation day and when I returned six people had been let go. Still they continued to hire new people. I was finally let go in the third wave. Now I had worked the local company for 11 years and Sedgwick 3 years for a total of 14 years. I was told business was down. When someone resigned they didn't offer the position to those that were getting laid off--they when out to try to find someone. I had a terrible time entering claims. I was careful to enter them correctly but often they came out incorrect. I discovered that my computer was programed to change what I had input into something incorrect. I complained about it and the next day was let go because of lack of work


  57. Sedgwick tookover Johnston & Culbertson. They cleaned house. They fired people who had worked there 10 years or more while constantly hiring new people. When Dan Whittlow fired me he didn't even bother to thank me for 14 years of loyal Servic--just threw me out the door with a measly two-month severance. Sedgewick didn't offer any placement service or job finding stuff. A short time later I looked to see what jobs were available in the Seattle office--there were about six or seven.


  59. Hello Friends,
    It is certainly nice to see the comments continue to stream in this past week. The team continues to make every effort to answer (in some fashion) each one as they are extremely important to us.
    We would really, really like to dig a little deeper on some of the stories that we can because we believe that our efforts in the recent past ended the terror and abuse to one of our readers that endured living hell for over six months at the hands of the Sedgbeast and their client, this particular persons employer.
    I am happy to report that there is significant activity from our friends in federal, state and local government agencies that seem to be waking up to YOUR stories. Keep them coming.
    In closing, it is extremely important that we continue to “get the word out” and I challenge all of our readers to write one letter this week to your state’s Attorney General, The Insurance Commissioner or the local media and tell your story and demand action on your behalf. Sedgwick CMS and employers that choose to terrorize and discriminate against sick, injured and disabled people need to be identified and tried in the court of public opinion.
    Keep up the good work,

  60. I worked for Washington Mutual for 18 years.

    During that time I was rarely ill and bank 750 hours of sick leave and 240 vacation hours.

    Policy changed regarding sick leave and the bank would no longer allow you to accrue sick leave. However they did grandfather the sick leave time accrued for existing employees.

    While on assignment in Florida 2004, I suffered a massive heart attack with 100% blockage. Less that 2% of individuals who suffer this type of heart attack survive. I sustained permeate heart muscle damage.

    I returned to work in reduced capacity. To physically function I take maintenance heart medication that create various side effects.

    In 9/2008 I was hospitalized for a week due to heart related issues. Again in October 2008. In December, following chest pains and sever cardiac condition my doctors put me out on medical leave. This was December 4, 2008.

    I filed for my short term benefits. Sedgwick approved some benefits through March 30, 2009. I submitted an appeal April 1st, 2009 and was re hospitalized May 1, 2009. Again they approved some of the benefits and then denied benefits claim.

    I did not feel like Sedgwick was supportive of my claim, in fact their process caused me extreme stress resulting chest pains, depression and financial hardship. I had to make numerious calls, resubmitting documentation, follow up with doctors, they gave little to no support.

    I have three family members who have passed away under 59 years of age due to heart condition. It is undenable that I suffer from hear disease and stress is a huge contributor to my sever heart condition.

    I am physically unable to meet the demands of working.

  61. FYI--There is a class action suit against Sedgwick CMS in Michigan. Claimants allege this company paid doctors to make false statements in claimants reports such as "Client states that they are improving, " when the client made no such statement. Currently in this complaint, this company is allegedly charged with mail and wire fraud and other alleged criminal charges under the R.I.C.O. Act. God is good!

  62. Hi Rob,

    None of my injuries have been denied by Sedgwick, but, they refuse to continue my treatment or settle. I cannot find an attorney who will properly represent me. Is this normal?

  63. This is funny! Educate yourself about the DWC and Labor Code before you point the finger. It was the LAZY workers before you that ruined the industry. Without them, there would be no need for a TPA. As for the attorneys, they are comission based. They don't care about you, they care about the 15% of your settlement that you might get. YOUR employer has service instructions for the TPA that they use, that is where the decisions come from. Don't shoot the messenger, shoot the person writing the message...YOUR employer.

    If you have complaints...write your me!

  64. Hello All,

    I hope that this finds everyone well, although I know that’s not reality.

    I had a long week including a trip to SF that turned out to be quite nice, I guess I need to get out a little more often.

    As to the most recent comment (directly above) left by one of our reader friends, I am sorry that you find the pain and suffering of others “funny”.

    As to your suggestion that I should get educated regarding ‘all those fakers that came before’ and have ruined the WC System, who would that be? Oh, I know who you mean, the people that are dying from Methothelioma due to asbestos exposure in the workplace, workers that are sick and dying due to black lung and silicoses related disabilities, people who have become sick or injured at work and currently suffer from disabilities. All those fakers.

    I hope that when you ultimately grow up that you can find a decent job (not being some HR Hack, or insurance company claims denier) and might allow a little human compassion into your heart. The reason that you feel the way you do is because you are afraid, that in the end, you will have less power than those that you currently despise. Good luck friend.

  65. My WC hearing is finally almost here.. My lawyer calls to say that my doctor's have now changed thier stories as to how my injuries are not related to my occupation. 2 months ago my doctor was completely unwilling to close my claim or perform a final closing exam. Now all of the sudden he concurrs with an IME report. I still have pain everyday,all day.After more than 2 years of fighting I all of the sudden no longer have medical evidence to support my claim. My lawyer just wants his money, My doctor's just want thier money, My vocational counselors just want thier money. There are no advocates for injured worker's. If I keep fighting where will it get me? Any suggestions.... My livelyhood has been taken away.. I can no longer perform the duties of a longtime occupation. Can anyone tell me how to survive on 132.00 a week unemployment benefits?

  66. Dear Anonymous Friend (comment directly above),

    Unfortunately your story is all too common and in fact we published a similar story on the weblog detailing the same type of activities. Here is something to think about:

    Please feel free to write a summary of your case including the NAMES of your physician, attorney, employer and claims examiner and post it here.

    It is very important to put this information “out there” as others may be dealing with the same individuals/organizations.

    Also, if you feel that there is / was inappropriate behavior by your physician or attorney file a complaint with the physicians licensing board in your state and the attorney disciplinary board.
    Maybe there are already complaints from others on file at these agencies.

    I am truly sorry for your suffering and can only hope that you can find the resources that can get you through this extremely trying time.

    Here is the link to that blog post, the story in near the bottom:

    Best regards,

  67. Hey Friends,
    Just to catch up quickly. I had to attend my ALJ hearing yesterday in order to collect the SSDI money for MetLife and the GE disability Benefits Center and I was in for quite a surprise!
    It seems that the Sedgwick / MetLife / GE Disability Benefits Center lawyer by the name of Jerry Zivic (Scary Jerry) failed to file any medical information with my first SSDI Claim and the appeal as well.
    Yes, to say that again, I walked into the hearing and the judge told me that the file was empty. No medical information, Period. The judge also said that he understood why I fired Zivic some time ago,
    Full story on the next Weblog.

  68. Rob,
    Sedgwick CMS made a big mistake when they messed with you! I bet their sending out memos right now to only mess with High school educated people or less than that. The sedgathugs just laugh at how stupid injured worker's are... they know how to starve you out so you will settle for a pittance. I will post all the names and details of my case soon. I know I will look like a total Idiot, but I have nothing left to lose.

  69. Dear Anonymous Friend,

    Sedgwick CMS made a big mistake with the conscious decision to violate the civil rights of many sick, injured and disabled people, including you.

    Always remember that brutes and bullies like Sedgwick CMS are actually cowards because they victimize people who are weak and without resources. They are truly despicable.

    I believe that it is very import that you provide the names of all involved so that the consuming public and our elected officials can review the appropriate facts.

    Currently, there is at least one RICO lawsuit filed against Sedgwick CMS, which includes an employer and physician as well. The allegations in the case include conspiracy, fraud and wire fraud to name a few.

    This entire situation poses a substantial risk for legitimate companies that are doing business with the Sedgthugs as their business reputations could be damaged by association.
    For those companies / agencies that choose to use Sedgwick and their despicable tactics to improve their bottom line by illegitimately denying the civil rights of American citizens, their names and associations need to be visible for all to see and judge in the court of public opinion.

    In closing, you are not an idiot or stupid, you are simply a good person that is sick, tired and the victim of a horrendous system that has been allowed to exist for entirely too long, and injure far too many innocent people and their families.

  70. I have been out on work comp disability for over a year - to date, i have not been paid any benefits by sedgwick cms. interestingly they never denied or approved my claim. i have been thru 3 depositions and a settlment conference, that now is going to trial. in the medical records sedgwickcms has admitted liability on my claim. in my work comp case, my employer terminated my own healthcare coverage. this company is willfully, and intentionally, and with knowledge destroying me and my 2 children and my wife who is permanently disability. I HATE THESE PEOPLE... I will not cower to this terrorism or mental abuse from these sedgthugs. I wish all Judges would launch a full scale investigation on Sedgwick.. EVERYONE READING THIS SHOULD CALL WHISTLEBLOWERS AND BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU - OH CALL THE DEPARTMENT OF INSURANCE ALSO AND FILE COMPLAINTS.. THE MORE THEY RECEIVE IN COMPLAINTS, THE MORE THE RED FLAGS GO UP AGAINST THIS COMPANY

  71. Dear Anonymous Friend above,

    One of the things that really helps us is if we can publically identify the companies / employers that utilize Sedgwick CMS as a tool to terrorize their employees.

    Given the current state of financial affairs in the US, it is very important to educate consumers and give them the opportunity to support business that support their employees and treat them fairly.

    Please feel free to identify (by name) your former employer, your Sedgwick CMS contact person and any other persons of interest in your ongoing struggle at this time.

    Our best wishes to you and your family during these most difficult times,

  72. Rob,
    I can't believe that you have lost a deepest sympathy goes out to you and your family.
    C.L.Yoder Portland , Or Injured worker. Now I am an active job seeker. Still have shoulder Impingement and torn rotator cuff, Now all doctors agree that It's just old age setting in and was not caused by cutting meat for Fred Meyer Stores Inc.(AKA Kroger Inc.)for a total of 16 years plus.But the carpel tunnel and cubital tunnel surgery was approved and I have recovered from that. My worker's compensation Doctor was Dr.Charles Wong (Internal medicine specialist) Gresham Urgent care, Dr.Mark Buehler(Hand surgeon)Providence managed care and Dr.Jeffreys Albright (Orthopedic). IMEIndependent?Medical?Evaluations? Doctors were Dr.Steven Anderson neurologist at Oregon Rehabilitation Medicine.Dr.Brian Denekas MD(Neurologist) and Richard Arbeene MD(Orthopedic) at STAR Medical.H.L. Rappaport MD(neurologist)MES solutions,Jeffrey I. Gerry MD (neurologist)Physical Medicine and rehabilitation,Paul L. Tesar MD Oregon medical evaluations(orthopedic evaluation).SEDGWICK CMS Senior claims examiner Sandy Pannell,claims examiner Anna Hubbard and Jenna Wasson.Sedgwick CMS Lawyers;Krishna Balasubramani of Sather,Byerly&Holloway,LLP Portland, Or. My claim was settled for a pittance, my attorneys suggested I settle rather than talking to the judge and throwing away the pittance amount.They were 51% sure I would lose. Still unemployed and trying to survive on 132.00 a week unemployment benefits. Rob, My deepest sympathy for you and your family at this time,My God, do the hits ever stop coming.

  73. Dear C,

    Thanks for your condolences and comment. I am very happy to hear that you have sufficiently recovered to begin looking for work again. This is good news.

    It would be interesting to see if your former employer Fred Meyer / Kroger would give you the opportunity to return to your old job or a position equivalent to the one occupied prior to your injury.
    As we all well know, these economic times definitely pose a challenge to all job seekers, but could pose special problems for those that seek gainful employment with disabilities.

    We are all pulling for you and would be happy to assist in some fashion.

    If you feel it appropriate, we would be happy to contact your former employer (very respectfully) and determine their policy on the re-hiring of former injured employees.

    Thank you again for the card and your condolences on the loss of my son. I miss him very much.

    Best regards,


  74. Dear Rob,

    I am fighting a very different battle, but this blog, all these heartbreaking stories, and your perserverance is inspiring to me. Thank you for having the strength to stand up to these awful giants.

    I've been exhausted with my own battle lately; your strength is encouraging.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your son, my sincerest condolences.

    Best Wishes,


  75. Dear Rob,
    Fred Meyer Inc. was not willing to place me in a new position as I was a union Employee and they would have had to pay me union wage, at whatever position I could do.That's why they sent me to a B--- S--T vocational school for 5 mos.That way they could claim that I was retrained for another career. I trained as a cost estimator and a project manager. (most job postings in Oregon require a minimum of a Bachelors degree for an entry level job. Unfortunately I found out later that the technical school I attended was not accredited and has since went out of business. My lawyer had me sign off reemployment rights with Fred Meyer Inc. (So if they employ me again they can use the prefferred worker program benefits and only pay me minimum wage. My lawyer also had me sign off on any medical claims for the cts and cubital tunnel. After 6 mos. separation from Fred Meyer they would probably hire me back at minimum wage and use my Oregon preferred worker benefits (Oregon pays 1/2 of my wages for 6 months and no worker's comp. premiums for three years, plus up to 25,000.00 for employer to upgrade accommodations for disabilities) Sounds great doesn't it. I worked my ass off for that Company for a total of 16 years...and this is how i am treated. Fred Meyer Inc. doesn't deserve me.I know that if i went back to work for them I would be discriminated against. The first time that I had to ask for help to lift a 40 lb. plus box that's when it would start and it would be downhill from there. (I worked for that company for 16 years , I know and have seen first hand what happens.In the sixteen years I worked at Fred Meyer, I saw and worked with alot of meat cutters and meat wrappers, back in the day we all worked our butts off and many of the old timers died before they ever reached retirement. Times have changed alot in the meat business, where there used to be 7 and 8 meat cutters per location now there is 1 or 2. Meat managers used to have time to manage the market(all day walking around with a pencil stuck in their ear, rarely lifting a knife or anything else)Now the meat manager is the only meatcutter on duty most of the time, which means he has to recieve and rotate meat loads in cooler, cut all meat in department, do customer service, hand stack 40 to 70 lb. boxes of meat and turkeys in freezers and coolers with 25 ft. ceilings because the forklifts won't fit through the cooler/freezer doors.Most of the packing processing plants have been moved to Canada where they can employ immigrants from other countries(mostly women) to work for minimum wage,These people do not ever report injuries (very rarely).

  76. To: Millestien Garner
    Claims Rep, Lexington, KY

    Delay, Deny, I've gone from being able to walk 100yds to being in pain and having to stop after 20yds. I went from taking 20 mgs of Qxycontin 1 time per day to taking 20-40 mgs twice a day and I still hurt. I read my allowed claims and I didn't recognize my case. They didn't even enter half the stuff that was wrong. Little did I know that after 2 yrs after the accident you can only add stuff that is a result from existing conditions. Stuff that had been working and they paid for now they deny. They are making it difficult to get my pain meds. My Dr. sent in the required forms to update my claim and get the treatments I need and M Garner denied those too. She has lied to me in the past on stuff. Going to her supervisors does no good. Now I have to spend money for a lawyer in order to correct what should have been in my claim from the start. I want this company to go down. Being as Chrysler is now owned by our Federal Government and they are all hyped up on Health Care, maybe they can help get rid of Sedgwick. After all they operate BWC so why do they need a middle man?

  77. Sedgwick,
    For the pain and suffering that you've caused me and others I hope you rot in hell for all eternity. If I found you sinking in quicksand I'd pull up a chair and eat a sandwich. You are the most vile despicable person on the face of the earth. You better enjoy your 30 pieces of silver you're getting for delaying and denying claims because I won't rest until Sedgwick is out of business and you are broke from lawsuits. Ms Garner YOU ARE THE SCUM OF THE EARTH.

  78. The government is not going to take any initiatives to take down Sedgwick. We the people must do it. I wish that I could give more advice. The Independent medical Evaluations that sedgwick sent you to is for the purpose of canceling your claim. They need more Doctors to deny that your claim is legitimate, than Doctors you have on your side,stating your injuries. I would suggest to everyone to always write to your insurer and request a copy of every IME they send you to,as soon as you get home from the appointment. Then read it, write down everything they lied about and left out of the IME and take it to (hopefully you have one Doctor left that is still on your side)your Doctor, and make sure that you tell him that your life depends on his standing firm with you. Because Sedgethugs and their lawyer's will call, harass and bombard your doctor with so many calls and paperwork that he will inadvertently check the yes I concurr with this report, because he simply is so bombarded with paperwork from sedgthugs and their lawyers he has no time left to treat patients.Make sure that sedgwick has paid your doctors before you settle, I had bills from 6 months ago that still havn't been paid, and I just found out about it. The Doctors will not send you the account status, you must call them and check.I am saddened everyday that injured worker's are left to fend for themselves without the physical capabilities they need to survive.I mean if your still in pain everyday because your injuries were not fixed,how the hell are you supposed to go and work somewhere all day.I feel like a big fat liar going to interveiws and then thinking to myself, how the hell am I gonna sit and type all day? I went from throwing 70 and 80 LB. boxes over my head all day to I can't even flip burgers!

  79. I was employed by Chrysler from 1997 to 2009. I was always a good " salaried" employee with above average reviews every year. I had a very difficult last 2 years: worrying about my job and my plant closing, my mother and grandmother passing away in the same year, having to worry about my fathers mental and physical health ( while Chrysler is trying to force me to relocate to Detoit, Michigan ), in a auto accident - totaling a car, lost a different car in a flash flood- while I was in it, laws suits & court dates over some land I live on, problems with one of my sons, etc. etc. I could not relocate to Detroit, MI. I had a hardship case with my family ! Chrysler made me go to Detroit, MI for two weeks with the understanding the two weeks would be temporary.

    Once I arrived in Detroit, I was told I was on the new plant's roll and the position was permanent. I was misled, lied to, and tricked. Chrysler constantly tried to make me sign a relocation document to move to Michigan ( saying it was a condition of employment) and I wouldn't sign it. After two weeks in Detroit, MI, I was sent back to my home plant in Fenton, MO to learn of my fate. I was having some physical medical issues, combined with anxiety and depression. I saw my Doctor again, for the 2nd time, and he put me on more medication, and put me out on medical leave for a short time.

    While I was out on leave, I saw a counselor, a cardiologist, my primary physician, and a pysciatrist. All Doctors said I was suffering from Anxiety & Depression ! I had to file a claim with Sedgwick CMS, Chrysler's 3rd party administrator. MY Doctors had to fill out several documents and Sedgwick still denied my claim. I was still employed by Chrysler. I don't understand how Sedgwick can deny my claim, when 3 different Doctors diagnosed me with the same problem. So I have had no income ( Nothing !) for over two months. I was released to go back to work on 10-14-09. I showed up for work and was terminated on my first day back, within the first two hours. Chrysler said I resigned. I did not sign anything saying I resigned.

    I disagreed with Chrylser and my my hthought be known. Chrysler said I resigned, because I didn't take the job in Detroit, Mi. A drive that is approximately 10 hours away. I could not leave my father in his condition. I asked Chrysler if they could put at a plant closer to my home, where I could at least commute home on the weekends. Chrysler said no ! Chrysler did not try to accomodate in any way, shape, or form ! What Can I do ? #1) I was terminated with no severance, layoff benefits, or insurance #2) I never received any short term disability for the medical leave I was on while I was still employed at Chrysler.

  80. RE: Sedgwick's Appeal Brief -

    I thought Tort Law 101 requires damages be shown?? What damage has Sedgwick suffered as a result of your web-site??

    Me thinks they doth protest too much!! What a frivilous lawsuit and a waste of the California judicial system's time!!!

  81. I was fired from AT&T on May 4, 2007 after being suspended pending termination on April 30, 2007. I returned to work after a lengthy disability absence on April 28, 2007. I had been out since December 2006. I had been very ill with an undiagnosed bowel obstruction since 2005 and consequently missed a lot of work due to my illness since that time. The more frequent my absences (all FMLA approved) became the more of a target I became for discipline. Other than my absences for my illness I had perfect attendance. I worked in Tulsa as a Service Rep and extremely cautious about adhering to company guidelines and following call flow exactly. Until I started missing work for my illness I had never been placed on any type of discipline. Once I became a target the company became relentless in its efforts to accelerate my levels of discipline. My last day of work in December of 2006 I was placed on a decision making leave.. I was certain they planned on firing me by the end of the year. I was supposed to return to work on a Monday but I was too sick so I called in. At the time, I didn't know I would be gone over four months. Most of that time was spent in the hospital and I even had surgery to put in a feeding tube because I was severely malnourished. When I returned to work in April the doctors still didn't know what was wrong with me and I was still too sick to return to work but I was also too sick to realize it. My first day back was a training day and uneventful. That was a Friday. On Monday (my second day back) I was told to take calls due to the needs of the business even though I hadn't completed my training. I was monitored starting with my first call. I'd like to point out that the only reason they would have to hound me my very first day on the phones starting with my very first call without the benefit of completing my training would be because their only intent was to fire me as quickly as possible. My first line manager met with me and strongly recommended that I quit because I wasn't a good fit for the company anymore. At the end of my shift I was called into a meeting with the usual people. My manager and my second line. a union rep and someone else I don't recall. My second line advised me I was being fired for my attendance and measurement of work. I was confused and asked him about my attendance since I didn't have an attendance problem. My manager corrected him and he left the room to check my record and came back and changed the reason to measurement of work. If I were really being fired for a legitimate reason and if it was not discrimination then the man in charge of firing me would have at the very least known the reason he was firing me and he did not! I I was walked to the door and they called me on May 4 2007 to fire me. I didn't know that I could go back on disability even after I was fired until a lawyer for social security disability told me about that so I filed for disability benefits a few months ago and that is still pending. Immediately after I was fired I filed an EEOC complaint and that is also still pending. I have tried to get a lawyer to help me but no one will even talk to me until I have a right to sue and that could be years. My illness continued to worsen and in August 2007 I went to the ER with no insurance and was admitted into the hospital with a strangulated bowel obstruction and a perforated bowel. I was near death at that point and had to have emergency surgery. I was hospitalized for three weeks. It was all part of the same illness I had since 2005 when I started missing work a lot and when the discipline began. It wasn't until that hospital stay that the doctors finally discovered what was wrong with me all along. They didn't fight me on unemployment benefits which is unusual. I'm tired of waiting and want to take action. Is there anything I can do that will get results?

  82. Dear Sir…This is amazing…I am so glad to hear that someone is finally taking on the at&t giant. I am a recent retiree from at&t, although I was not planning to retire when I did. I had 31 years but was more or less forced into it. Reasons listed below.

    The management of this company has been getting away with these kinds of things for years. I am no womens activist by any means. However,as a woman who worked much of her time in the outside “Man’s World” of various technical jobs, it was a little tougher for us (girls) to be accepted into the work place. Much of the time, we were not taken seriously… When we girls had any kind of a problem, it seems like management would say…”Well if you can’t do the job, maybe you shouldn’t be here.” I take great offense to that statement especially for those of us women who were dedicated to our jobs, our customers and who worked very hard in those outside technician positions. And to be told by management…If you can’t take it…then maybe you should leave? I heard that one to many times in 2008…I had a husband who was sick in the hospital, my assigned job had been taken from me for NO viable reason and given to someone else who did not have nearly the specialized training that I had. I was forced into another job that I had absolutely NO training for and I went out on what at&t calls a “stress leave”, I spent 10 months in therapy and took three different kinds of medications just to get through the day… I retired one and a half months into that therapy and then had to fight at&t for disability payments for two months after that. They are tyrants who think that they can get away with anything they set out to do. It never used to be that way, but in today’s environment they DO what they think they can get away with. I know…I was a Union Vice President for three years. I saw it all and I had enough.
    I would encourage that anyone who was steamrolled over by the company to become involved in this class action lawsuit. I don’t think that I have a case, but my husband is a “forced” retiree and I believe that he may have a case concerning this very matter. I also have several friends who were placed in the same situation. Where can I check into this for them?

  83. 1) November 11, 2008, injured at workplace, driven to E.R. by supervisor. Treated for scalp laceration and (2) bilateral fractures to left and right thumbs were xrayed and referred to specialist.
    2) December 03, 2008, Letter authorizing surgery issued to treating surgeon.
    3) December 23, 2008, Surgery center calls to schedule a 12/24/08 procedure and sees me for pre-sugery at 2:30pm. Surgeon advises that the surgery is at best "highly unlikely to correct deficiencies in either thumb due to extensive scar tissuing and delayed treatment". I postpone at surgeon's advice.
    4) January 14, 2009, Sedgwick issues letter transferring management of my claim to Liberty Mutual/Helmsman.
    5) January 20, 2009, The Home Depot announces the closing of its Irving facility and I am suseqently laid off.
    6) February 05, 2009, Followup appointment. Surgeon performs impairment exam to both thumbs and issues report to Sedgwick/Home Depot that clinical maximum medical improvement had been reached and that permanent impairment of 6% total body existed.
    7) February 20, 2009, Final day of employment at THD.


    I have never heard from any of the parties involved in this claim since my last medical appointment on 02/05/09. My complaint is that I now suffer with severe joint pain and swelling as a result of the (42) day delay in scheduling my surgery for pin placement originally agreed to on 11/11/08. That I have been treated with callous disregard by The Home Depot, Sedgwick, CoCentra and Liberty Mutual. That I intend to pursue all civil and medical remedies available. That I am currently looking for legal representation. That I have all documents including original xrays from E.R. to substantiate all claims.

    David VanCompernolle

  84. Dear Rob,

    I have some taped conversations between Sedgwick CMS reps and myself, as well as one with one of the physicians at U of Cincy sounding pretty rattled once he figured out he was "used" by my employer to retaliate against me. I would like very much for you to hear them.

  85. I would be happy to listen to your recordings.

    I assume that the recordings were "Legally" obtained and if that is in fact the case, I would be happy to place them on the Crime Log for others to review.

    It is very important to provide examples of abuses and terror perpetrated by Sedgwick CMS and employers that would choose to violate the human rights (and civil rights) of claimants and employees.

    Please feel free to send them to me for review.


  86. Dear Rob,

    Will do. Yes, the recordings were obtained legally. I'm in Ohio which is a "one party state," meaning only one party to the taping needs to be aware that the conversation is being taped and guess what - THAT WAS ME!! Also, the tapings made of direct conversations with the HR people at my employer were left on voicemail which is admissable in court because by defination any messages left on an answering machine or voicemail is considered public knowledge!!

  87. I will be most happy to review and publish!

    Best regards,


  88. Dear Rob,
    Thank You for continuing this crime log and website. You and your website are still the only place where a person injured on the job can read other peoples stories, to gain some knowledge of how Sedgwick works.What can I do as an injured and unemployed worker to get the message out to other injured worker's about this site? Before they get totally screwed over by attorneys and claims adjusters and doctor's? I mean people need to know that Sedgwick is building a case against them the very first day they file a report at the doctor's office. They do not care about fixing your injuries but they do care about having to compensate injured workers.Sedgwick CMS is insurance that compensates the Employer for injured worker's and protects the (Self insured)employer from liabilities and monetary damages.

  89. Dear Anonymous Friend,

    I believe the most important things that anyone can do is to make the situation as visible as possible.
    What I mean by that is, file complaints and get you friends to file complaints. File them with the Attorney General in your state, the Insurance Commissioner in your state. If you feel that you are the victim of fraud (which can take many forms) file a complaint with the authority that enforces insurance fraud laws where you live.
    Last week, we filed complaints in all 50 states on behalf of injured and disabled workers that have been systematically denied benefits, unfairly. We included examples of claims decisions that were overturned because Sedgwick had simply denied the claim when the evidence was very clear.
    If you are up for it, PEACEFULLY AND PURPOUSFULLY demonstrate at your employers location, or a Sedgwick location, this is legal in many areas, however, a call to the local police beforehand is strongly advisable to be sure.
    We have successfully demonstrated at Sedgwick offices in California and congressional offices and the police were very nice and informative upfront.
    Again, the most important thing is visibility; one local news report of a PEACEFUL demonstration by disabled employees can take off in today’s political climate and bring scrutiny on the entire situation.
    If you have time, do dome social networking (facebook or twitter) it’s a good way to look for employment and get your story out at the same time. Remember it only takes one person to make a difference. You may talk to 200 people but ultimately you will connect if you persist.

  90. I feel, SELF-insured says it all.... Sears Holdings, AT&T, Coke, Pepsi and quite a few other large companies use Sedgwick Claims Mgmt Services. And that is exactly what they the company they work for (self-insured). They are supposed to follow state L&I laws, but with all the loopholes available to their legal team, the laws are pointless to enforce. And the saddest part of all is that these companies have loyal customers who are blind to the fraud committed by the shareholders everyday with the money spent by the consumer on their products. I will never be a consumer of any product from any company that pays Sedgwick enormous sums of money to destroy the lives of the faithful employees who keep the cash flow going. Google it...Nationwide abuse of our laws, our money, our trust.


  92. Let's hope that injured workers can take their cases into Federal Court. Hey--if there's nothing to hide? Why not????

  93. Rob,

    Please contact me between 8am 12pm EST. 518-473-7894.

  94. Anonymous Friend Above,

    I typically don't call people in the blind, however, since I have an idea of who you are, I will try you at 4:00 pm est, (best I can do on short notice)today or alternatively, I will call you at 10:00 am est tomorrow.

  95. Sedgwick Has taken away my marriage and family. I have a deep hate for that company and the way the treat their employees. I hope nothing but the worst for them. Keep up the good work!

  96. Dear Anonymous Friend above,

    First of all welcome back, I see you come and go and have been waiting for your story. I am terribly sorry for the damage that you have endured and the damage to your family as well.

    The best way to fight Sedgwick CMS is to get your story out there for others to read and share.
    I truly believe that although there are greedy self-insured’s, companies that don’t give a damned about their employees and customers, there is also hope.

    Not everyone in this country (and Canada) are clients of the most despicable Sedgbeast and do care about how they spend their money, and in the case of vendors, appear to their customers. After all, why would a “normal” person shop at an establishment that demeans and abuses its employees, puts its customers at risk, then, has Sedgwick bat clean up on the entire affair.

    As to Sedgwick Employees, I believe that there are good ones and ones that don’t care about anything but insurance defense. With that said, I am very happy to be in touch with several that have come forward and are willing to share their information as well. This will be helpful for all Sedgvictims in the days to come.

    As far as hating Sedgwick, take that anger and use it to get the word out to as many people as you can. Peacefully, purposefully and unrelentingly contact the insurance commissioner in your state, the atttorney general, your elected officials and equally important, contact those agencies that spend our tax dollars funding the Sedgbeast for federal state and local government agencies. Our laws were never enacted to allow our tax dollars to be used to terrorize America’s sick, injured and disabled citizens.

  97. Thanks, Rob. I've now added this blogspot to my "Favorites" so I can continue to keep up with the latest information.

  98. I've be working for Sedgwick for over 6 years and love it. I get almost 6 weeks of vacation, great benifits. I do, hoever, feel for some of these people though, getting denied due to the terminology of the plans but when we file a claim and mail you a copy of the plan that spells out what to do and not due and you go and travel anyways, you are an idit!

  99. As a former Sedgwick manager could I ever tell you some stories. My SCMS superiors literally almost killed me.

  100. I worked in the office at Raleigh, NC and let me tell you i havent worked a 40 hour week since ive been there. Its a shame we work 60 and only get paid for 40. Now you have to work from home on the weekends. This place is a disgrace to the american worker. I had to leave before it was too late. It affected my husband, my kids, my home, and all the people and things around me. My life has turned into a brand new start since i left. I now work at a job that pays close to the same and probably have half the workoad. Thanks Segwick for Nothing!

  101. Sedgwick allows insured's control the manner in which their files are adjuster including direct bad faith handling

  102. I worked for Sedgwick for 14 years. After Marsh bought the company and CMS split off it really started to suck. The internal audits are unfair. The rules change every time. I used to be one of the best they had but suddenly I sucked and there was no way to win. I got good results on my claims but was still failing. The requirements are unobtainable. I had to leave. I am now with another company and am thriving once again. If you find a way out, take it

  103. The reason you have so much trouble is because you have people who are scam artists. My friend Lakeisha Roberts (Sasha) work for AT&T on Owens Drive, in Fayetteville NC. She works in one of the customer service representative center. She has worked a total of 5 months in the last two years. She has been with the company for a few years. In 2008 she worked 2 months, took FMLA and when that was out she took vacation and then short term disability for six months. There was nothing wrong with here she went to a doctor who lied and conspired with her to say she was stressed out. She sat back smoked, dranked, and partied for six months and then took two more months off without pay. When they told her they would fire her if she did not return, she went back to work in 2009, worked two months, went on FMlA for two more montha, then paid vacation and then checked her self in the hospital for 24 hours and told them she wanted to kill herself. Her short term was approved for a few weeks. Then she went back to the fake doctor had her short term extended. When it was time to go back to work or lose her job two weeks ago she checked herself in the hospital for a week and told the people she felt like killing her self. The day Short term was extened she checked herself out of the hospital, went shopping and spend the night partying and bragging to her friends about how she know how to scam the system. She has not worked full time since March of last year, and has not worked part time since July. Her plan this week when she needs to be back to work is to check herself in a different hospital tell them she wants to kill herself and hold out for long term disability. So if you wonder why the insurance company has to work hard to check into people who might not be sick, it's because of people like her who wants to have kids, lay back and get a free ride. While they are people who want to work and cannot find a job. Since when is lying about wanting to kill yourself and claiming depression a reason to be approved for short or long term disability.

  104. Dear Anonymous Friend above,

    While I find your story quite interesting and do agree that there are people who do scam the system, scamming the system by claimants is far outweighed by the insurance companies and their TPA’s that scam customers via bad faith.

    For example did you know that UnitedHealth Group faced 1.3 Billion in fines for not paying legitimate claims filed by clients and physicians?

    Regardless, it seems that you have a particular problem with this person and not the disability insurance system in general.

    Certainly if you feel this strongly regarding crooked physicians, crooked claimants and the like, I would encourage you to file a complaint with the appropriate agency in the state in which you live.

    Thank you for the comment

  105. I've been going through hell with Sedgwick. I'v was denied my claim 3 years after they had accepted it. I had my lawyer file a hearing to get the benefits and pay restored to me. We went to trial in October and Novemeber. Both trial dates went well, the judge side with me but now we haven't heard a word from Sedgewick. They haven't responded to our calls, letters, emails, fax. We assume that they will appeal the judges decision in order to prolong the inevitable. The tactics Sedgewick applies to their claimants are horrendous and unacceptable. I gather great courage from reading these blogs and I understand I must be strong and patient cuz this is a long process to endure.. I will give further details later on once i find out what the end results are gonna be. For those going through these tough times, be strong, and never give up...

  106. Dear Anonymous Friend above,

    Your comment is very astute and directly on the mark. It has been my observation that Sedgwick will use any excuse or none at all to deny a claim.

    I know that in my own case the first two denials were completely malevolent and used an as instrument to inflict harm. My third denial was retaliation for turning in the GE Disability Benefits center, Sedgwick and MetLife for using forged medical releases to unlawfully obtain my Protected Health Information (PHI).

    One of the things that you can do while in a holding pattern, is to file a complaint with the insurance commission in your state and send a letter to the state Attorney General as well. It is very important for as many people as possible to document this despicable behavior with as many agencies as possible.
    Good Luck my friend and keep the faith,

    Best regards,


  107. I worked for Costco Wholesale, I was a Forklift driver. To make a long story short, the battery changer for the forklift wasnt' working properly(several employees including management, had issues with that device) and it tweaked my back. At the time of the injury i notified my supervisor about the incident but told him i was good enough to work and if i had any issues i'd seek medical attention from own doctor. Several employees had problems with the workmans comp doctors, complaints about improper treatment and a rediculous amount of prescribed drugs to cover up the pain but no real solution the injury. I felt safe going to my doctor. When the pain wasn't tolerable, I attended my physican not telling him that the injury had occured @ work so that way he could treat me. I had been diagnosed with a leg strain since i was receiving pain along my left leg. Sent me to therapy and some pills and ben gay. AS weeks went on,the pain didn't progress so I finally told my manager to send me to their doctors instead. The new workmans's comp doctor said it was a strain with a possible bakers cyst along the knee and prescribed physical therapy and vicodin and flexiral and to be @ light duty @ work. Well even just doing lite duty brought on the pain, i would go to the gym cuz he told me the cycle machine would help the strained leg.. unfortunetly it didn't and they put me on leave of absense cuz the pain to was to severe. One monday morning i woke up with sharper pain along my calf(l) and numbness and tingleness along my left glute, hamstring and saddle region. I had begun having urologicical and bowel issues that day so i went to a scheduled appointment and the resident saw instead of the doctor. After I told him my symptoms, he had a look on his face that said "oh shit, we gotta get u an mri cuz it looks like ur have the symptoms of cauda equina syndrome which is severe nerve trauma to those nerve endings that travel down ur glute, thigh, calf, ankle, foot and are connected to ur bowel lining and bladder receptors. 2 days after that I was rushed to an emergency surgery to remove a disk that had herniated and a large rate and in a may was suffocating my spinal cord for such a long duration, which quite possible could have led to paralysis. The surgery was successful in the sense that i wasn't having the same pain as b4 but the cauda equina syndrome wasn't leaving me... 5 weeks later i herniated the disk to the right side(which apparently was common), my doctors were debating on whether to fuse my back permanetly but my head neurosurgeon had faith that since i was so young(26) I had the slite chance of recovering or at least living a more normal life for my young age. Fast forward 2 may 2009, they(sedgewick) decides to cuz my pay and benefits due to fraud.. Apparently since i didnt initially tell my doctor that i got hurt at work, i lied and that they came to the conclusion that i probably got hurt @ the gym or something. So we proceed forward with a trial, 1st trial date went well, the 2nd trial date went alot better. A few weeks after, the Judge sided in my favor telling that the injury i sustained did occur @ work. Soon after that we faxed, emailed, mailed and called the lawyers of sedgewick and have not received any communication in regards to my benefits. The 20 days for them to have appeal have passed, unless we recieve something tmrw, post dated on that date needed. So @ this point we send sedgewick and there lawyers 72hrs heads up to respond and present me my benefits and pay or we set another court date to have those payments charged penalties and interests for being late... I have been without proper care since june, without pay since june, and frankly Sedgewick doenst care.. even after losing, they can't even have the respect to bow out gracefully, instead they wanna prolong the inevitable.. Good luck to those who have to deal with this bs, cuz it gets tougher then u think but u shouldn't be discouraged to right what they've done wrong to u..

  108. I became disabled for a mental condition. My regular dr. and my psychiatrist both said I could not work. Sedgwick denied my benefits because the said they contacted my regular dr. and he said I could return to work. My. dr. denies that they even called and their records show no call was received. When I questioned Sedgwick about their illegal practices, they said we'll just wait and see how it comes out. My psychiatrist said she told them I could not work. Sedgwick said that my psychiatrist did not return a phone call. Sedgwick apparently did speak to a nurse, whom I had not seen, and they said the nurse told them I was fine and could return to work. I told Sedgwick this was fraudulent and illegal under ERISA and was told "well its just your word against ours". I told them they made the assertion and for this fact the burden of proof fell to them. She said, well you can just go to court if you want to. My benefits are in appeal. I have requested that they send me a copy of what was sent to the reviewing psychiatrist, but they refused. As I understand Sedgwick is being charged under RICO for just such actions.

  109. Dear Anonymous Friend from Costco,

    You tell a mighty interesting story. When you were going through your ordeal with Sedgwick CMS last year, they were suing me in federal court claiming that they had lost the Costco account because I had allegedly sent a postcard to a Costco store.

    If you go to the following link, you can actually download the complaint that Sedgwick filed against me in federal court here in California. Maybe it will help your lawyer demonstrate “what Bullshitters” Sedgwick is.

    As far as Sedgwick refusing to follow court orders, the case of Darien Smith is one of the worst cases of “criminal misconduct” that I have ever seen,you can download the court documents on my website at , in regards to that case as well.

    The most import thing (which you are doing here) is to keep getting the stories out in regards to the brutal business perpetrated by Sedgwick CMS and employers that refuse to deal with sick, injured or disabled workers in an equitable and legal fashion.

    Don’t forget to follow up with wit a complaint to the insurance commissioner and attorney general in the state in which you live as well. Please feel free to send me a copy of the court’s decision against Sedgwick as I would love to post it on the Crime Log.
    Best regards,


  110. Rob,

    Yesterday, 3-4-10 was the one year anniversary of the day I was sent to University of Cincinnati Drs. Bresler & Masterson for the day long forensic interrogation by GE...Fitness for Duty (Ha!) Prisoners of War have been treated better...That marked the start of the 7-month tortuous chain of events for which Sedgwick Claims Management participated (with full knowledge) in the deliberate and damaging retaliation efforts under GE's direction...

  111. Rob,

    I've been put on inactive status, they shut off my phone. I sent all the information to my case worker's supervisor and nothing has been done.

    My manager told me she got me approved for FMLA and I just got an email saying I've been denied and that I should've had information sent to them by Feb 23rd.

    I have no idea what is happening. My union is doing nothing, I emailed Betty Witte again last week and no response. I called the national office and they said they couldn't help me. I haven't gotten paid since the 19th of Feb and I proved to the Sedgwick supervisor that my denial letter from Keith Adams, my case worker was fabricated and sent my medical information with it. I told her based on that information after she had time to research and read the information I sent her, I expected a reinstatement. If I have to file an appeal, that's an additional 45 days without pay.

    I am going to have to leave my home, and move to Georgia and live in my mother's basement.

  112. Dear Rob,
    Wanted to let you know my house was robbed and ransacked on 3/4/2009. Yes they stole my computer, conspiracy theory or not, i don't think the sedgathugs liked all the letters and e-mails I have been sending out? So sad I didn't have LO Jack! I can't wait to get a new computer, I've got more letter's to send! Keep up the great work my friend. You are still the only voice. P.S. I actually received responses to my letters I wrote, they are so out of touch from reality.

  113. It is apparent that the person who posted on 8/13/09 stating "BOO HOO HOO" is one of Sedgwicks minions.. You state that claimants should be aware of what is in the plan and to "READ IT". Obviously, Sedgwicks minions doesn't, and furthermore, they don't even care if they break state or federal laws. So to the person who wrote this, YOU need to know these laws before you start spewing your non-sense. You weren't born stupid, it must have been cultivated along the way....... Thank God that the powers that be that are above the Sedgwicks of the world are on to them. Sedgwick, and yes, you to Dave North, your days are numbered in the courts. There comes a day of reckoning for everyone. Dave North and his so called minion managers are all going to have to answer to the courts, and hopefully, you and your flunkies will end up in prison.

  114. Dear Friends,
    I am very happy with the way things are shaping up with state and federal agencies that are and have been investigating the beast. I intend to file a RICO lawsuit against the beast and GE (my former employer) because of the bogus lawsuit filed against me in an attempt to threaten, coerce and retaliate for exposing their malicious behavior.
    The most important thing that we can do is continue to complain, post your stories and tell your friends and associates. Also, download the graphic on the Sedgwick CMS Client Blog, print it and post it wherever you can. The more consumers that know who is doing business with the Sedgbeast the better. Use your power as a consumer and boycott businesses that treat their sick, injured or disabled employees unfairly.

  115. Glad to see you have not backed off the insurance pigs. It is comforting that somebody is delivering some measure of pain to some of those useless good for nothing...(I will try to keep it PG rated). Instead of delivering tens of millions of new customers to them to be raped and pillaged.

    Hate to say it, but to me, that is the bottom line summation of health care reform. It has delivered millions of new customers to the insurance companies. Oh sure, there are also new laws established to make some standard operating practices done by every insurance company every day behind closed doors illegal. You know, the same old same old, like happily collecting premiums while people are healthy and then screwing them out of benefit payout when they get REALLY laws, big deal! The ways that they can screw you are many and varied, and they will still find ways to do that because it is STILL A BUSINESS DECISION! If it is going to cost them more to treat you then it will cost them to fuck you and then fight you in court, guess what they will STILL decide to do?

    Health care reform has done nothing to change that fundamental equation. The only thing that could have changed that was to make a public option, to establish a source for insurance that existed to actually pay for health care, instead of to divert as much as they can to the very few big fat pigs at the top of the food chain a bigger and bigger and bigger bonus. Yum.

    But I can't be too upset with Obama and the dems on the wimpy reforms. The country has gone crazy on them. Its like the late days of the Roman empire, too much lead in the water or something made everyone lose their mind. About thirty seven hours after Obama was sworn in, the Thought Enough Already crowd started running their mouths...these are the same GOP dopes that spent years impeaching Clinton for lying about a blowjob, and then gave us 8 years of W, and thought it was a great idea to drop a trillion dollars to topple Iran's number one enemy. But goddamn it, after 37 hours of Obama, they had had ENOUGH already! And they have trained the flamethrowers on Obama non-stop ever since. Very fair minded people indeed...

    Nothing to do with race though...if Obama had been white, 37 hours of the bullshit he was trying to pull would still have been enough to drive them to action. It is ok to drop a trillion dollars in Iraq, but they will be damned if some big fat black bitch is gonna get one of their $20 bills to go see a doctor! I am so glad there were liberal thinkers back in the stone age, that ventured out of the caves and started mixing it up with the neighbors...otherwise we would still be sitting in the cave gaurding our pile of rocks so that somebody wouldn't come and take one of them and give it to some big fat black bitch!

    T-party...I wished they HAD talked enough already, then maybe they would SHUT THE FUCK UP! They want to be taken seriously. But then they invite Sara Palin to be their big keynote speaker. WTF, T-party? Sara Palin? Does that mean you too think she had foreign policy experince because she lived in Alaska, which is near Russia? You remember, when Putin rears his (ugly) head and jumps in that airplane, where does he go? A little gaff???? She has shit for brains, and she stands up in front of the adoring idiots and says stupid shit, and they all are luvvin it! YEAH, YOU GO GIRL! And the T-Ps want to be taken seriously....

    And the TPs luv Faux News too. Music to their ears. Everything they say. Everyday. Always. In just one year Obama ran up 15 times the deficit Bush did. The TPs just eat that shit up. Of course, that is a one year Bush deficit figure, being compared against the Obama budget run out over a ten year period...and it completely ignores the downward spike in tax revenues thanks to W and the upward spike in stimulus spending all but forced on Obama to fix the mess W left....AHHH, shutup! Details, details - Thought Enough Already, remember?

  116. Hi Rob, this is the former Costco Forklift driver, well its been several months and we finally go an expedited hearing to asses the penalties to Sedgewick since they have complied with the judge's ruling back in Dec./Jan. Sedgewick was stalling because they were waiting on the AME to finalyze his report. As of 4/29/10 the doctors report has been finalyzed so hopefully they re-commence my PDs and medical coverage and it gets closer to settling with these jerks

  117. Hey Former COSTCO Forklift Friend,

    I am glad to hear the good news and hope you and family are enduring the waiting game well. I had hoped to hear back from COSTCO awhile back when I wrote them a letter regarding Sedgwick and Sedgwick’s alleged claim that COSTCO had stop doing business with them. But alas no answer from COSTCO.
    I don’t know if you are aware but Fidelity National recently dumped (in process) Sedgwick on some private equity investors, interesting. I especially like the part where Fidelity said that Sedgwick had done such a fine job of “screwing claimants” and had made Fidelity big bucks in the process.
    I believe that we are making some serious progress in the “Sedgwick department” as the team continues to expand and friends are becoming much more energized regarding the Sedgwick issue. We are receiving more and more help from family members and friends of “Sedgvictims” and the efforts are definitely beginning to show.
    In the event you have a little spare time, check out the websites, find a few Sedgwick Customers and fire off some postcards warning their employees of the dangers of Sedgwick. Also, don’t forget that letter to the insurance commissioner and attorney general in your state.

    Take care my friend,

  118. I injured my back while working for Kohl's. Luckily, I had Sedgwick CMS as my worker's comp carrier *insert sarcasm*. The injury happened at the end of August 2009, it is now the beginning of May 2010. The adjusters at Sedgwick will do everything in their power to delay any medical care needed and deny coverage of doctor/specialist visits + medications. The specialists that they do cover (if you are lucky) are hasty in their evaluations and incompetent at best.
    I did manage to get two months of physical therapy covered, from October through December. Sedgwick then took it upon themselves to "close" my case without notifying me in January, while I was still seeing my doctor and filling prescriptions, which won't be covered.
    Throughout this whole ordeal I wanted a second opinion on my back. Sedgwick sent me to my doctor for another evaluation, refused to pay the bill, and is trying to get me to see the original incompetent orthopedic surgeon for a second opinion?
    Another fun-filled game they play is "ignore phone calls for as long as possible." It's a blast, really. You call your Sedgwick adjuster, leave an urgent message, and allow them to ignore you for as long as they can stand it. Leave more messages over a two week period and wait for the call to be returned (if ever).
    Moral of the Story: If you get injured at work and they have Sedgwick CMS as their provider, get a lawyer early on. You can also be a fool like me and play their games until the pain wreaks havoc on your everyday lifestyle and then consider a lawyer. It's your choice, but I strongly suggest you don't be a fool.

  119. To the person who posted on 5/01/07 - TRUE THAT..

  120. I wish I knew about this website several months ago, when I injured my back working for Coca Cola in Oregon. Sedgwick will only accept a "lumbar strain", although my MRI shows much more. At first Sedgwick adjustor was "nice and helpful" When my pain/injury did not go away as soon as they would have liked, thats when the B.S started. I finally retained an attorney. I should have done that from day 1. Sedgewick closed my claim based on their IME that I saw for a 10 minute exam and he poked at my legs with toothpicks (REALLY!!)Of course I found out 4 months later, my claim was being closed and Sedgwick wants me to pay back the 2 months supplemental checks they sent me. I am lucky that my employer put me on paid leave for 6 months, then all good things come to an end.Now I have had no pay for 2 months, Coca cola does not have suitable light duty for me (even though I did 3 months light duty right after injury)and I am waiting or a workers comp board hearing that has already been re-scheduled twice. This is my only experience with workers comp and Sedgwick, what a complete CROCK! I am glad to know I am not the only one that has had issues with the DEVIL SEDGWICK, but wish everyone with injuries/illness would be treated fairly and timely. I now get their game, but the cards seemed stacked in their favor.

  121. Dear Anonymous Friend,

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I noticed that you are a Coke employee and would like to point your attention to the fact that Coke and Sedgwick are the defendants in a RICO lawsuit in Michigan. I believe that the plaintiff’s there are attempting to certify a class action and you may want to contact the attorneys there to see about becoming a class member.

    Sedgwick CMS is definitely a scourge to decent working people and their families and need to be stopped, their trail of abuse is long and littered with many innocent bodies. One more thing that you can do is to file a complaint with the attorney general in your state, the Department of In-justice (Ooops! Department of Justice) and the Department of Insurance. Although these complaints seem small now, I have collected over 800 from victims just like you and will “pitch a real bitch” with the authorities soon.
    My thoughts and good wishes are with you and your family.

    Best regards,


  122. These people are real criminals in suits, I have been dealing with them for over 14 years, they have had wellness checks done on me, detective agency's follow me. checks lost in the mail so to recover I had to fill out an affidavit and have it notorized and sent certified mail to them to get it replaced. after 14 years they accused me of making money post injury, and have cut off my comp checks just before last christmas. they have a little pissy pants lawyer who keeps finding reasons to postpone the case, I have been in court twice, one trip to a doctor of their choosing with a five day notice to appear. You see I currently live 1000 miles from my state of comp.
    when I asked the judge if I will be reimbursed for my travel back and forth if I win, I was told "no one told you to move out of state" the state is Michigan and after returning this past week from another wasted court date. I was told there is a new law in Michigan to return comp cases to work no matter the extent of the disability.
    Sedgwicks lawyer offered me a redemption this last time, and after I accepted it, they changed their mind and offered to just resume payments with back pay, which I accepted and they reniged again, you cannot discuss any money offers in court in front of the judge, so they can screw with you all they want. and I caught my lawyer and their lawyer laughing it up when I was out of the room. so the only thing left to do is file an investigation with the attorney grievance commission and have my attorney sanctioned for misconduct. or take matters in my own hands, you know we are millions strong if you count the soldiers that are thrown away after serving their country with distinction and just thrown away with the rest of us when they(big Business) can't USE us anymore. I fear your horror has just begun my friend with Sedgwick....

  123. wvrabbit@yahoo.comMay 22, 2010 at 11:32 PM

    I to am a victim of Sedgwick Ins. I ran dozer for local 132 hit a bolder in a fill. That my friend was in 2003...I was just disabled through SSDI in 2009 on my injury date because I couldn't take it anymore!!!! I am just now getting ready for surgery on my neck two discs to be removed and replaced and all the hell pure out and out hell because of this company! I am a single mother of three one son Sargent Ryan with the United States Airforce the two other children Collage graduates. I have lost my home health and livlihood because of this good for nothing racket!! Is there not a class action we all can get together on and also "Bad Faith" Class action! California made this law and it is in effect in all states...Look it up, I am willing to meet everyone at anytime and place to discuss a plan of action on this "the rich getting richer on the blood on the working class". It seems our employers would be just as upset seeing how they are footing the bill for these insurance companies!! I think a civil suit is in order!!!

  124. Any injured worker's that would like to chat on facebook,please friend me at IMA injuredworker. I know the brutal tactics of this company and I am still disabled and unemployed after 20 year occupation. I want to thank Rob Delsman everytime I leave a comment,Rob your the BEST, Please keep fighting for injured and disabled worker's.

  125. Hey Friends,

    It is always nice to see more comments on the Crime Log and we are getting the word out. One of the things that disabled people (who are getting screwed by Sedgwick) need to do is make noise!
    I know how difficult it can be to even muster the energy to get out of bed some days let alone organize some huge “SICK People” demonstration somewhere. I was talking to a friend the other day and we both agreed that if we were able to get a couple of bus loads of people with disabilities and go protest at the state capitol, things would probably get the proper attention.
    Imagine the show! 100’s of wheelchairs chained together, sick people lying on mats on the capitol steps, others sitting by reflecting the visible desperation of their circumstances, Others carrying signs with the Sedgwick CMS logo with a message proclaiming, “I am losing my home and family for Sedgwick CMS profits”. - or – “ I have worked for 30 years, purchased employee benefits and am now losing everything thanks to Sedgwick CMS”
    Unfortunately, this will probably never come to pass as it is simply too hard for sick people to engage in these types of activities.
    Make noise friends, if you’re stuck in bed, pick up the phone and start calling people in the government, the AG in your state or the insurance commissioner. If you can’t use your phone because it’s been disconnected, write a letter or two. I know that there are many dedicated people out there just like me, who are fighting for all of us that need a fair shake.
    As always, I sincerely appreciate your support! Without your stories, comments and good wishes this good endeavor would have died long ago.

    Take care all,


  126. Hello,
    This is my first encounter with what appears to be an ongoing problem. Before seeing this site, I too have recently filed claims against Sedgwick, which for all intensive purposes, makes the rules as they go. I was advised by the State of California to file multiple complaints for follow-up of a company whose sole purpose is to intimidate and impede the process of claiming my own benefits.
    As mentioned, we (the employees) must first sign away our rights to protected and private health information…this is to just start a case much less than be granted leave time. I have begun the process of involving all the State and federal agencies, to begin complete investigations of the company.
    I also understand that large scale companies love this service, because they do not become blamed for all the illegal practices. This too is untrue if you follow the language set forth in Sedgwick’s paperwork. They clearly state that they are; “following the rules set forth by International paper”. If this is true, then the next few months should be very interesting indeed. Since there are also retaliation laws, I have nothing to hide.
    Please keep my email address to follow up on my advances with Sedgwick CMS.
    Thank you,

  127. Hi Rob,
    After reading some of the comments on this site I am no longer feeling as alone as I once was. My husband was paralyzed on the job with Coke and we have been fighting with sedgewick for years! He has been bedridden for the last 2 years because they refuse to get him a lift to get out of bed. We no longer have an attorney, because the ones we had never did anything to help him, and nobody could talk to us because we had an attorney. I have contacted everyone I can think to call about them, our state's congressmen, the attorney general, the govenor, the dept of labor, insurance commissioners, even the president! Nobody will help. I have also written to oprah and ellen for help with no response. I am so tired of this treatment, and if there is a class action against them...please include us! My email is

  128. Hi ROb, this is former Costco Forklift Driver. Well I'm roughly 2 weeks away from my Court date(6/16/2010) to get some clarity on my case. Sedgewick Claims Management continues to deny my claim despite the findings of the judge being AOE/COE and the findings of the AME doctor which he agrees with as far as the injury was sustained and the ongoin disabilities it has caused. Despite that, Sedgewick continues to play dumb and deny my claim. Furthermore, they wanna take the deposition of the AME and question him in regards to my injuries. I never imagined they could pull all these loopholes, its almost as if the law was meant to help them out. I am going on a year since I recieved PD payments and received medical Care. Its rediculous the things they can do. I hope my judge kicks her a new asshole... You gotta be patient and relentless with this sedgethugs.

  129. Hello,

    I will give you a short version of what they did. I am a 33 year old man who was poisoned with a chemical from my work. It was a neurological damaging chemical which kills everything in 2 hours, I was in it for 1 hour. It left me with severe nerve damage in my spinal chord. I have severe nerve pain in my lower back pouring into my legs, then my legs turn numb at my left calf and right ankle. I have alot of muscle issues and memory issues from this injury as well, but it is all medical, no her say pain. Cut and dry, Sedwick has litigated this case till no end, they have not paid medical, not paid medicines, not paid for therapy, the URO's, then they have sent me " I am fully recovered " letters, appealed every decision, because they lost all of them, the lady in charge of my case thinks she can play god approving whatever she wants to approve, they didn't pay me for a whole month. Its been a nightmare. How can they do all this and get away with it, escially for the people who are clearly hurt. I will wear a brace for the rest of my life, and walk with a cane for the rest of my life. Niughtmare.

  130. Hi there.. Hope your day is going better than mine.. Itz ((Redacted)) I lost my house. The short sale did not go thru. I HAVE TO BE OUT BY 6/16/10. I was supposed to get my work comp check latest TODAY, and did not receive it. I called my 401K plan to get money, BUT they won't let me take it out, and not even for a loan because since I am out on disability, the 401K company would not be able to take the monthly deductions out of my payroll. . When I asked why, they (Merrill Lynch) said in a nutshell, SORRY, and have a nice day. No money, I am soooo screwed.

  131. More terror from the Beast friends. I received the following email today and it make me very sad!

    From: (( Redacted))

    Sent: Friday, June 11, 2010 4:10 PM
    Subject: Hi old friend...


    I just wanted to let you know that I lost my fight. Sedgwick denied my appeal and disregarded my Neurosurgeon's diagnosis and direct "No Work" order, I guess their "specialists" in Kentucky know more about my progress than my surgeon.

    I was officially terminated today. I haven't been paid since January and have lost everything. I will be going home to my mother Sunday, thank God I have a mother. Keep doing what you are doing, I am not going to stop fighting... I'm just going to have to do it differently now. Maybe one day we'll get those bastards. Maybe one day our government, legislatures, and our community in general will get the message that without some kind of governing body these companies will continue to lie, cheat, and steal from broken people without recourse... and maybe they will give a shit.

    Thank you for all your help,

  132. I just had my conference status the other day.. The judge was surprised that sedgewick didn't wanna settle already. They feel they have the right to take the deposition of the Dr.AME. Now if this Doc. AME doesn't change his report, they either pick up my benefits or we go on to trial and let the judge decide.....its been going on for oaver a year now. Ths other lawyer from Sesdgwick said that he would put in a reconsideration to the current lawyer in charge but that it would be somethin that the head female lawyer and the female insurance claims adjuster to make that call..

  133. I just wanted you to know I hate Sedgwick. I was an adjuster for them for almost three years. I was discriminated against, harrassed and hurt by Sedgwick. I just wanted you to know I was a good adjuster and I actually cared about my claimants. I am thinking of filing suit against Sedgwick. They treated me like I was stupid and tried to bully me. I quit and I am now working for a better insurance company. I am sorry for all the sufferings you have encountered from Sedgwick. I know what it feels like to be treated like garbage by them. I wish you the best of luck.. I have file a complaint against Sedgwick for everything they put me through I am not the only adjuster that was treated that way.

  134. My daughter and 2 of her co-workers were denied their maternity benefit because, when they went out on doctors orders, they were not disabled enough. As far as I know Sedgwick has denied every maternity claim submitted through Walgreens. My grandson is 17 months old and my daughter has appealed several times. Her co-workers have all, but given up. I knew when I heard she was insured through Sedgwick that there was going to be a problem. My husband is medically retired and sedgwick is also his disability carrier. They told him to cash out on his medical, because this regular medical insurance and Medicare will pay for his inevitable knee replacement. On the other hand, they will not authorize his knee replacement, stating he is too young and would need another replacement after 10 years. I don't understand how they can keep doing this to people, laws are being broken!

  135. So Sedgewick had denied my claim and we're waiting to take the deposition of the AME doctor. Once the did that, they pick up my benefits. Well they cancelled that appointment and we ahead and scheduled an appointment for my deposition. The day after we have court status meeting with the judge. I hope the judge sees the shady tactics they're pulling and hopefully penalyzes them to the max!!!!!

  136. This place sucks. They deny claims even though your doctors tell you that you are risking death if you push it. They could care less. They rather not pay and leave you broke. They should burn in hell.

  137. Hi all,

    I have been reading your comments as I do each day and it seems like the song remains the same.

    Abuse, denial, stalling, disinformation all the stuff that Sedgwick and their helpers seem to be so good at.

    We have been working very hard to bring these despicable activities to the attention of the US Department of Justice and more specifically the US Attorney General Eric Holder.

    Recently we implemented another postcard operation entitled “Operation Hey Holder” and I have reliable information that over 1000 postcards have been sent to DOJ in the past few weeks. This is good.

    We were hoping to generate 1000+ cards a week for 4 weeks and are diligently working toward that goal.

    So what’s next?
    It is more important than ever to contact your elected officials (especially officials that are running for office in November midterms) and tell them that you will do all in your power to vote them out of office if they don’t immediately address the issues relating to America’s Sick, Injured and Disabled employees getting a screwing by crooked employers, crooked TPA’s and crooked insurance companies.

    Also, send a letter to President Obama and ask for his assistance in this effort as well.

    We are making a difference; I see it reflected in the web stats every day. People are listening, the crooks are becoming nervous and the government is watching. But we must continue to fight against this terrible injustice.

    If you don’t have a computer, go to the library and use one there to send emails and file complaints with government agencies.

    Also, send communications to the “nice people” reflected on the logo picture in the blog above. Tell them you, your family and friends are going to boycott their businesses until they stop doing business with Sedgwick and treat their employees fairly.

    My thoughts and good wishes to all of you.


  138. Hi Rob,

    I read your story and it is so amazingly familiar. They (sedgwick) have approved and denied my FMLA/Disability
    so many times, my head is spinning. Usually goes like this...on my monthly recertify appointment at my doctor, they will
    send an update and then I will get a voice mail saying my claim is suspended despite the doctor's extension because "we" don't have medical records. My doctor's office has sent medical records no less than 7 times plus letters plus phone calls plus staying on the line to make sure they actually receive the faxes. My doctor's office is so beyond upset that they were looking for a way to not have to deal with them anymore and wanted me to reduce my schedule to 4 days permanently.
    (Note: I was out on FMLA for 5 weeks, then went to 3 days a week working, then based on Sedgwick telling my doctor
    that I would be fired if I didn't increase hours, my doctor reluctantly upped me to 4 days a week, even though I am sick.)
    My doctor office panicked. Anyways, upon sending this past extension, they once again call and say "Your disability
    and FMLA is suspended since we don't have medical records! Slam! ). This is just downright insane. I told my HR this
    story and told them that my doctor cannot take the abuse and I need to focus on getting well. It appears that saying
    anything negative about this company is a no-no, even with proof of how abusive they have been.
    Is there anyone, anywhere I can get help from or complain without retaliation? I am a mess over this and care about my job. I am just shocked that they use this place.
    Thanks so much. Hope you are feeling better.

  139. For the person who posted your horror story on 08/18/2010 - Keep this information: Filing a complaint - DOL's Wage and Hour Division manages complaints regarding violations of the various laws and regulations it administers. To file a complaint concerning one of these laws, contact your nearest Wage and Hour Division office or call the Department's Toll-Free Wage and Hour Helpline at 1-866-4-US-WAGE. This place also handles complaints for FMLA violations.. Anyone being terrorized by this company for this same type of thing should be calling this number along with posting your horror stories here on this site.
    ALSO: The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993, as amended

    Public Law 103-3
    Enacted February 5, 1993 * SEC. 105. PROHIBITED ACTS.
    + (1) EXERCISE OF RIGHTS.--It shall be unlawful for any employer to interfere with, restrain, or deny the exercise of or the attempt to exercise, any right provided under this title.
    + (2) DISCRIMINATION.--It shall be unlawful for any employer to discharge or in any other manner discriminate against any individual for opposing any practice made unlawful by this title.
    o (b) INTERFERENCE WITH PROCEEDINGS OR INQUIRIES.--It shall be unlawful for any person to discharge or in any other manner discriminate against any individual because such individual--
    + (1) has filed any charge, or has instituted or caused to be instituted any proceeding, under or related to this title;
    + (2) has given, or is about to give, any information in connection with any inquiry or proceeding relating to any right provided under this title; or
    + (3) has testified, or is about to testify, in any inquiry or proceeding relating to any right provided under this title.

  140. Dear Anonymous friend above,

    You Rock! This is exactly the type of information that friends out there need to help fight against the scourge. You have my deepest appreciation for taking the time to leave this most valuable information here on the Crime Log.

    Please feel free to email me anytime as we could certainly use another team member to fight on behalf of America’s Sick, Injured and Disabled Workers.

    With warmest regards,


  141. Do you think the companies that hire these thugs know they are mean, abusive and awful? If so, then I think these companies should be boycotted by everyone until they fire Sedgwick. Opinions appreciated.

  142. Anonymous friend above,

    You are quite right. A boycott of Sedgwick clients is exactly the correct thing to do.. Especially the ones that are so proud of doing business with the beast they even consented to having their company logos depicted in Sedgwick CMS marketing material. Just say no with your money!!

  143. Denied again despite doctor sending multiple letters and records. These people suck so bad. Bad Karma has to get these monsters. I want to know how in this Country are they allowed to get away with this? And who works for this place? How can you be so incredibly mean and nasty to sick people? Just so wrong on so many levels. How do we stop this company?

  144. AS a previous worker at this place. I can unfortunately tell you that Sedgwick uses every tactic in the book. Namely, losing medical records is a big one. Then we tell your Employer that you refuse to send medical records and should not approve FMLA or disability since there is no evidence. We do that enough and we got a bonus. You have to take the mark of the beast to work there as your soul will be sucked right out of you as you constantly deny claims to sick people. Luckily, I found God, the Lord, and Jesus has forgiven me. I will never ever screw people in the name of profits again. The United States is run by corporations and about as far away from Jesus as you can be. God help us all. God Bless. John, Thousand Oaks, CA

  145. Sedgiwick continues on denying my case and benefits despite it being determined AOE/COE. Furthermore, they are still holding off on my benefits despite the fact that the doctor made his ruling that 3/5 apportionment goes to work. They continue to stall. They were suppose to take the deposition of the doctor but they still postpone that. Not sure how much longer, the next date is in November. The law firm Representing them wants to budge with they are getting pushed by the lady in charge of the insurance, which keeps telling them to fight it till the end.. I've been without funds or medical benefits in over 15months..
    There are so many loopholes that they use, its unfair..

  146. Dear Friends,

    We all must continue to fight against the Sedgbeast, plain and simple. I receive so many stories from people who are on death’s door (really), watching helplessly as their families disintegrate, they lose everything that they have worked for all of their lives, it’s truly tragic.

    Although I have returned to work, I still manage to file at least 50 complaints a week in various forms. I believe that if YOU & ME (the consuming) public sends a message to those companies that use Sedgwick we can make a difference.

    Consumers, boycott any business that is on the list in the main part of this blog (the picture with all the logos).

    Employers, stop using these despicable thugs to terrorize your employees, it is going to come back to haunt you. Also, find another claims management service to handle your employee claims, please!

    Government, get off your sorry asses and protect the people that put you in office. Stop sleeping with corporate special interest money and serve your constituents, honor the oath that you took when you were elected, serve all Americans.

    We will make a difference my friends. I hold each of you close and your suffering in my heart!

    Best regards,


  147. In my case, it is Sedgthugs bowing to the wish of my employer to screw me over. Someone asked me " Why don't you go to your H.R.?" Are you kidding me, when they are a part of it? My H.R. department lies to corporate stating that they are trying to "help me" when in all honesty as soon as I turn my back, they have a knife in it. I even have Medical reports where Frito Lay lied to the Dr. and I forwarded them to corporate in Texas and they did nothing.Sedgthugs are supposed to be a third party admin but in reality, they work and are paid for by your employer. How fair is that when you have an employer that is so corrupt?

  148. Someone please answer this companies that hire Sedgwick want them to be bullies, mean and not pay sick people or people that go out on leave? What is the connection between a company and Sedgwick? Are they on the same team? If you complain to your company about how bad Sedgwick has treated you, will it help or hurt you? Why would companies hire them? Do they do it so they don't have to pay employees that go out on leave benefits? If true, this really changes my opinion on my Employer. I really need an answer to this. Thanks Jim, Los Angeles

  149. If you company is self insured like mine, then yes, they do it on behalf of your employer. Sedgthug is not an insurance company but one who manages claims for your company. I think companies use the third party administrator so that it does not APPEAR that they are trying to screw you but in all honestly, it actually is them..

  150. Here is a quick review of what the MSIA is bragging about on their website:

    The National Council of Self-Insurers has contributed $15,000 toward an amicus brief, being coordinated by the American Insurance Association, in the case of Jackson et al v Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. et al. The Council?s purpose is to preserve the exclusive remedy of workers? compensation.

    In Jackson, the plaintiffs allege the same type of RICO claims against Coca Cola and its, TPA, Sedgwick, as six employees of Cassens Transport alleged against Cassens and its TPA.

    For those of uou that are not aware, a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act 18 U.S.C. § 1961–1968 (RICO) was filed against Sedgwick some time ago.

    It is very obvious that the insurance company scum is coming to Sedgwick's aid because if they lose the RICO action, it will expose the employer, phony physician and Sedgwick to discovery that woukd never be seen in court.

    We need to keep fighting, filing complaints with the authorities (DOJ, AG, DOI)and getting the word out. After all, not every employer wants to mistreat their sick, injured or disabled employees. Unfortunately the insurance companies have them by the balls and if a WC claim get's filed, up go the rates or the employer is terminated from coverage.

    It happened at my kids pre-school last year, no WC claim in over 20 years, finally they file a minor claim <$1500, bam, policy terminated!


  151. I am checking to see what kind of legal remedies are open to me. Sedgewick lies and denies with no basis. There advising Dr.s do not use the entire medical record when they deny treatment. I am seeking advice from personal friend, a federal judge, state judge(ohio) and a lawyer who has successfully sued a major corporation.If I have any kind of a case I'm sure everyone on here will will be news.

  152. The only way to get a corporation to wake up and change their behavior is to hit where it hurts.......the pocketbook.

  153. I too, am a victim of Sedgwick B.S. I started having severe pain in my leg and hip a few months back and was referred to an Orthopedic clinic by my family doctor. After Xrays and an MRI, it was determined that I had hip dyplasia, an impingement and a labrial tear. Basically, my hip was out of the socket and nerves were being compressed, causing severe pain while sitting, standing or walking. I was scheduled for surgery to repair the damage, and I would have a 6 week recovery period and physical therapy after surgery. All information has been sent to my claims non-representative at Sedgwick, however, I have continually been denied payment. Both of my doctors even sent specific descriptions of why I was uable to perform my job duties during this time. Since my position consisted of customer service online where I chat with cutomers via a chat room atmosphere, I was required to sit for 8 hours a day, which is impossible with hip bone out of the socket. The medication alone that I was taking was enough to make it impossible to perform my job, unless my job was to sleep at my desk. I keep getting the same answer from Sedgwick; "not enough information". I have had everything requested from Sedgwick sent, some info multiple times. I called my claims non-representative and in firm tone left him a message that I want, in writing, a list of information he needs to get my claim approved. I will let you know if or when I get this. I have since been terminated from my job and have lost all benefits. I was told to come back to work after 4 weeks of surgery, but my surgeon advised recovery time was 6-8 weeks. I missed my last 2 weeks of therapy because I no longer had insurance and I could not pay for it. I am told once my claim is approved, I will be reactivated at work. Stay tuned for that result. I have been good, loyal and faithful employee with the company for over 5 years with exceptional attendance and performance. I have never had to file an STD claim before. I like my job and really want to return to work, but I have to wait for an approval, which I do not know if it will come. In the mean time, I sit at home, apply for other jobs just in case and continue to fall deeper in debt. Oh, and not to mention, my claims non-rep is out of the office a lot, does not return calls, and lies to say he tried to call me back. I called him 5 times one week with no return call. I will update the post to let you know what happens next.

  154. Sedgthugs are hard at work trying to screw yet another Frito Lay employee. Poor girl is back to work waiting on apponitment (set up by Sedgthugs of course) with an orthopedic surgeon. Frito decided to cut her hours on modified duty ( which they are not allowed to do but somehow get away with) and being a single mother, she had no choice but to go back to work FULL DUTY to keep her child fed. Sedgthugs will continue to delay treatment as long as possible per Frito lay's wish. These people are so corrupt, you have to wonder how they sleep at night. Makes you wonder if they were the type that tortured helpless animals for fun as children. Wish I had some money to donate to the RICO case but thanks to SEDGTHUGS, I don't

  155. Tony Franklin October 17 at 3:01am

    dude.. your a douche... i am a _happy_ target employee, and can genuinely say i'm happy a retail store doesn't control my insurance, they are (as most companies are) driven by profit, instead they have put my many medical needs in the hands of someone who cares about _medical insurance_. to allow them to continue to offer great benefits, w/o the negatives of money clouding the deal... do some research before attempting to defame one of the few corporations with a positive outlook for the people that support it

  156. For the gal who works at Frito Lay with reduced hours - It's called disability discrimination and illegal.

    For Tony who posted on 10/17/10 - Sounds like YOU are the one to do a little research - Medical Insurance that you refer to is different than the short term/long term disability or even work comp disability which is what this site is all about. I pray for you that you NEVER get hurt at work and have to file a work comp disability claim, or ever have to file a short or long term disability claim, because you will be singing a different tune. Check YOUR facts..

  157. I have worked for Sedgwick for nine years. I have worked as a Wc adjuster, Disability adjuster as well as several other positions. Not every employee that works there is scum. I cared about my employees and paid them what they were due. The one thing you must remember is that you can control what is sent to the adjuster to get paid as well as keep records of what is sent. I have seen alot of people work the system and get money while working part time at other employers which is illegal if you are disabled. I have done many investigations that have turned out that the employees have gotten several thousands of dollars and they are not really injured. I do feel for you all on here that truely has a disability but PLEASE do not classify all Sedgwick employees as scum. My people (clients) loved me because I am a honest Christian person and I do what is right. There are many third party administrators that function the same way. So once again I feel for those that are truely disabled and going thru a fight for benefits and payments but just remember some people do have a heart and conscious and are doing the right thing. Thanks and may God be with you all.

  158. To the employee who posted above, Most of the people that I have dealt with have been very helpful and nice at Sedgwick. However, The doctor that preformed my "evaluation" that you assigned was NOT. He had me in tears. He cut me off when I was answering a question and even told me"That's enough" when I was trying not to cry. He even told me what scumbags you all are and that whenever you put in for an evalauation that its because you do not believe that the person is disabled. SHAME on you! Look at the medical records. Obviously if a medical doctor does not think you are disabled they would not deam you as so. My symptoms are worse NOW even days after the evaluation and I feel like I was mind rapped and disrespected. I will be thinking about consulting a lawyer on this. Instead of recovering now I am worse than before and may be out for a longer period of time thanks to you jerks!

  159. With ANY workmans' comp case -- Get a lawyer for yourselves! Every injured worker should have a lawyer, I can't stress that enough. You do not pay for your lawyer out of pocket. Just find, and call, a good WC lawyer and explain your situation to them. No injured worker should ever go up against these people with out legal counsel.

  160. I can see that you are an expert at your field! I am launching a website soon, and your information will be very useful for me.. Thanks for all your help and wishing you all the success.

  161. I believe that John Grisham wrote a book about Sedgwick called " The Rainmaker " LOL!

  162. Hacked again!!!

    I often wonder about the amount of money that "entities" like Sedgwick, the insurance company scum and their lawyers squander on "fucking off" rather than simply paying legitimate claims. it has to be, Hmm, really big, huge, criminal!


  163. 10 year ATT employee

    I am just beginning what appears to be a monumental fight. I have had re-occurring ear infections accompanied by severe pain and headaches. Over the past year I have been treated for ear infections at least once a month. I was covered for lost time at work by FMLA. This last episode was accompanied by migraine headache that lasted two more weeks I was denied short term disability. I am forced to return to work light duty while taking hydrocodone for pain and meclezine for dizziness and nausea. During the three weeks I was ill I was prescribed propoxyphene-n w/apap 650(darviset) mg for pain and augmenten for the infection. The infection is gone for now but the migraines and dizziness remain. I still take darvicet or hydrocodone for pain and meclizine for dizziness. I was told today by my supervisor I will be dropped of at a work location to perform my duties as a cable splicer, despite the fact I am still taking pain meds for my headaches. CWA is investigating my denial and handling my appeal, which could take upto 180 days. Unfortunately for me I must work in severe pain or not pay my bills. The headaches last for 5-7 days with a day or two without pain. Any type of exertion brings the pain back sooner than 2 days. I like what I do for a living, but it's not much of a life if I have to live with this type of disability. The only thing that seems to ease the migraines is lying down in a dark room.

  164. Doyle Raizner files suit against Sedgwick and Brigestone on behalf of adjuster wrongfully terminated for refusal to commit illegal claims handling practices.

    Kimberley Soukup is a licensed workers' compensation adjuster who takes her responsibilities to injured workers under Texas law seriously. Unfortunately, her determination to adhere to the laws intended to assure fair administration of workers' compensation claims got her in hot water with her employer, third-party administrator Sedgwick Claims Management.

    After ten years in the industry, Ms. Soukup was forced out of her position with Sedgwick after she repeatedly resisted pressure from Sedgwick and large, self-insured client Bridgestone to engage in illegal claims adjusting practices for the purpose of making sure Bridgestone paid as little as possible in benefits owed to injured workers. Among other things, Ms. Soukup was asked to participate in sending workers' compensation claimants' medical records to an unlicensed physician for the purpose of trumping up bases for denial of necessary benefits, to set inadequate claim reserve amounts in order to block payments due for claims, and to give deposition testimony concealing key information from discovery in a workers' compensation matter.

  165. I am currently dealing with Sedgscum. I did get a att and they have not returned any calls, fax or letters. I have been off work for almost 2 months with no pay!!! I can not beleive this company. My att files suite on them already and my injury isnt even close to being better!!! I will take any advice I can get. Thanks for the postings!!!!

  166. I wish that I had money to help in Kimberly's fight. Unfortunately, I have Sedgthugs as my insurance.

  167. I am absolutely standing up for not just myself as a dedicated senior adjuster, but for every adjuster who has had to "make the Insured/employers" happy and perform adjusting tatics that are not legal at the request of many employers who Sedgwick administers benefits for. I feel for the injured and their families. It makes me sick. Don't give up the fight. Together we will prevail somehow.

  168. Rob,

    This is a great website and I am both glad and sad to see that I am not alone in this fight. I have been with AT&T for 10 years and have been a good employee. I am 33 and in the last year was diagnosed with Terminal Breast Cancer. I have four children dependent upon me for their support and care. I also have suffered domestic violence issues. In June of this year I became severely depressed and went out of work for depression. I was denied originally and on appeal stating that although these were issues that could cause depression they are not issues that would affect work. I have not received a check since june and am unable to pay my bills.
    I am devastated to say the least, and really would be thankful for any information or resources you feel would be helpful.

    Thank You

  169. I work for AT&T and was taken out of work by the psychiatrist (similar to Carol’s Story). Edith Mock from AT&T Disability called me while I was at the doctor’s office to say my claim was denied, which did nothing for my mental stability. She stated that I/my doctor did not provide “objective medical information” showing that I was unable to perform any type of work. My doctor had me call her during one of my appointments so he could speak with her about the “objective medical information”, but it went to voicemail. I appealed the claim and continued seeing the psychiatrist and a counselor (who was recommended by EAP). My counselor saw that I was not getting better just on medication, so she made an assessment appointment for me with a day treatment facility. I was accepted for the day program – they felt they could help me with the major depression. I was approved for disability while attending the day treatment program, however my first appeal was denied. They stated that “their doctor” could not find any reason for me to not be able to perform any type of work and that their doctor was unsuccessful setting up a teleconference with the psychiatrist, the counselor,or my regular doctor.

    I need to file a second appeal and would appreciate any suggestions. I have threatened to sue them but was advised by Angela DeBold that I had to go through the 2nd appeal process first. Meanwhile I am still out 6 weeks pay. I am behind on my rent and utilities. I borrowed gas money just to attend the day treatment program which was 77 miles from home (one way) for 6 weeks. This day treatment program was approved by EAP.

    Several people in my office (with different medical issues) have been denied by Sedgewick/AT&T Integrated Disability this year.

    Thank you,

  170. Most of you morons have probably been under surveillance, and violating your restrictions on video. Thus the denial of claims... Most of you could be doing some type of work. Get off your lazy a$$'s and get back to work.


  172. As to our Anonymous friend at IP Address in Wisconsin that posted the message above:
    "Most of you morons have probably been under surveillance, and violating your restrictions on video. Thus the denial of claims... Most of you could be doing some type of work. Get off your lazy a$$'s and get back to work."

    Spoken like a true Sedgprick. No doubt you feel very tough picking on sick people, most bullies do. Remember my friend, Bullies are Cowards and you certainly fill the bill.
    Fortunately, what comes around goes around and you will end up the victim of your own karmic boomerang. I know, lot's of big words but when you go home tonight, ask your mom or dad to explain it to you.

    Best regards,


  173. I was injured in 2006. received a 3% disability award ( after the new apportionment law),and a voucher for retraining -- TO DATE --SEDGWICK has NOT paid me PTD payments or the voucher!!!

  174. well for that Sedgwick employee who has worked for 9 years and is happy....that's nice because you are drawing a paycheck and have medical coverage. most of these workers have pain, no money, no help. You need to take a close look at you employer who I also worked for for 8 years. They are liars, cheaters and illegal. Wait till they find that your salary being eliminated will substantially help their budget issues out. I had never been written up before, was always praised by my Insured too. Your day will come too. All tpa's and or carriers are guilty of mistreating their adjusters: take a close look at the true number of hours you are really being forced to work and your check and see what your hourly rate is reduced to. Sedgwick wants their clients to happy beyond jurisdictional rules and statutes and at the expense of the worker's.
    to the idiot who writes "get off your a__es and go to work? Wait until you have true pain, an inability to provide for your self and or your family.... hope you are left to rot like the rest of us. dumb sh__ .........

  175. Dear Anonymous Friend commenting above,

    So true, I like to refer to this situation as the karmic boomerang. People that prey off of the suffering of others for pleasure or profit ultimately “die by the same sword.”

    It really has nothing to do with justice; actually it’s much simpler than all of that. If for example you hang around with thieves and murderers, the probability that you will experience a higher probability of being murdered or robbed is significantly higher than hanging around with members of the “average” population.
    So, if your employer’s basic way of generating revenue is by screwing sick people, Hmm, need I say more?

  176. Rob,

    You really have no clue do you? I worked surveillance for 28 years before my retirement in 2009. First of all, I was not out to "pick on sick people" as you say, but to obtain videotape of their daily activities for 3-5 day spans. Do you really think that the individual who claims they need a walker, or wheelchair, and shows up to their doctor appointments with said items, and then when they get home all of a sudden they don't need these items, and go work their cleaning job for cash? What about the roofer who claims he cannot work anymore and needs permanent disability, but secretly has is own roofing business under an alias etc. and is still roofing houses? I would have to say at minimum, 85% of the files I have worked over the years were FRAUDULENT. I am not saying there are not people who deserve compensation, but for the most part, people are milking it out and taking advantage of the insurance company, all while telling a one sided poor me story. (most likely have had their claim denied because surveillance showed otherwise.) Go ahead, take it to court. It's only then, the video will be produced for you to see what they have you doing, or on the rare occasion that the insurance co. has you arrested and prosecutes you for felony ins. fraud and grand theft. This is nothing new, it happens every day. Check out youtube and see for yourself. By the way, I have never worked for Sedgwick, but I aassure you that EVERY insurance company conducts surveillance to protect themselves when "Red Flags" appear. Insurance fraud raises rates for every hard working honest individual thanks to the laziness of MOST, got that, MOST claimants, not all! Here are a few links to check out... then you can preach to me on how all the sick and injured people are getting screwed over by the insurance companies...

    Insurance fraud is a felony! You can lie, lie, lie, but eventually guys like me will uncover the truth...

  177. Dear Insurance company surveillance friend,

    Thanks for taking the time to read the Sedgwick CMS Crime log.
    Isn’t it interesting that you so forcefully point out that insurance fraud is a felony and insurance companies can have people arrested on video or other “evidence”.

    Unfortunately, for claimants that are the victims of insurance company fraud there is no criminal recourse, Imagine that.

    I can certainly understand your perspective that you were hired to investigate suspicious claims, document the evidence, and help bring the perpetrator to justice, and I salute you. The small number of people that cheat insurance companies should suffer the consequences of their actions, because their actions help feed the entirely over-blown fraud accusations that insurance companies are whining about all the time.

    We all know that the insurance companies have all the lawyers, lobbyists and money that they need to screw the American people on a daily basis with impunity.

    As to me having no clue, all I can offer is my own experience. It’s too bad you didn’t contact me a few years ago when Sedgwick Claims Management Services and MetLife were accusing me of being a “faker” and turning my benefits on and off.

    I was in a plastic body cast from my neck to my hips; I could roll onto my side to piss in a plastic jug when my wife or daughter helped me. I also enjoyed the privilege of taking a shit on a plastic bag that was stuffed under me in bed because I couldn’t get up to go to the toilet, I was able to bathe once a week or so but only when someone that was strong enough to move me (without hurting me) was available to assist.

    But you’re right, I could have been doing something to earn a living at that time, after all it’s not like I was in a coma.

    Enjoy your retirement my friend and above all, watch out for that karmic boomerang!

  178. Well said, Rob..That investigator is the same a$$hole who posted on 12/6... he needs to get a clue! In his line of work, of course he would be asked to investigate cases where fraud was already suspected! The idiot has no base of comparison between that and the actual number of legitimate cases that have had claims denied!! What a troll!!

  179. I just happened to stumble onto this site. I have never had to go through any of this myself. I am very happy I took the time to read your stories. This situation is really horrifying. All I can say is never give up and keep spreading your stories because knowledge is power. God bless...

  180. well today im just about over the edge. Sedgwick has denied my benefits to the point that I cant pay my bills anymore. I HAD A 20 DOLLAR AN HOUR JOB-- TIME AN A HALF ON SUNDAYS-- I WORKED AT THIS SAME PLACE FOR 15 YEARS DOING REPITIOUS HEAVY LIFTING BENDING STATIC STANDING FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME-- and im not getting the medication that my Work comp Doctor wants me to have. Sedgwick has blocked medical tests to prove anything---- I will now have to use catheters to get the urine out of me.(C5C6 is on my spinal cord)I have had to use my "Medicare" to seek medical attention that Sedgwick should be paying for.
    HOW DOES THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA let these DIRT BAGS get away with sluffing off their responsibility's ON TO INJURED WORKERS AND MEDICARE!!!!!
    For all you DIRT BAG SEDGWICK Lawyers out there--- WAREING YOUR 5 THOUSAND dollar SUITS----Who can't even look at anyone straight in their EYES----- WHAT ARE YOU HIDDING??? HELPING TO DENIE PEOPLES BENIFITS AND SEDGWICK DRAGGING YOU FEET WHEN IT COMES TO PAYING WHAT YOUR SUPPOSE TO---- IS A CRIME!!!!!!!! YOU HELP DESTROY PEOPLES LIVES--- AS OUR BODIES CRUMBLE AND WE HAVE TO FILE FOR BANK RUPSEY because you drag your feet on paying what your suppose to!!!!!! some people just commit suicide because they just can't keep on fighting and they have no resources to survive .
    HOW CAN YOU PEOPLE SLEEP AT NIGHT???? Do your bounces really cover what has cost other peoples lives????

  181. Dear Anonymous Friend above,

    I hear your suffering and anger and it is very troubling.

    I too am very dismayed by the lack of protection afforded by our government. I recently read an article how the government has released their “Top 10” list of alleged Medicare Fraud perpetrators. And not surprisingly, there was not a single insurance company on the list.

    It is much easier for insurance companies, Sedgwick and their lawyers to deny a legitimate claim and make you fight to get the benefits entitled to you under the law. Then, when you give up because you have no resources left, you become a ward of the government. It really sucks!
    Please feel free to email me your story including the name of your employer (company) you’re Sedgwick Contact and any other pertinent information regarding your story. I will be happy to post it here on the Sedgwick CMS Crime Log or one of my other sites.

    Take care friend,


  182. Rob, I worked for Cost Co. was injured in 2006, SedgDicks are their Third Party insurance for workcomp.
    My stories is Horrific and still continues.
    So my point is that Sedgwick NEVER lost the Cost Co. account!!!! They are still in bed with Cost Co to this DAY!!!!!
    Please let me know about any CLASS ACTION---

  183. It's me who just wrote the last two blogs today.I worked for Cost Co. I would like to Email you with all my details. Believe me---- it's very interesting!!! I just have to get the will and strength to write it all down. It severely depress's me. I'm almost ready to give up. If i didn't have my family--

  184. Friend above,

    Please email me at

    Don't give up!

  185. Rob, I just Emailed you. Thank YOU!!!

  186. I was ran over while at work with Ralph's.

    Jacob Chakroun is a millionaire, and because of California law, he is only liable with his auto insurance limitations, to which, is not sufficient for all of my surgeries or medical treatments.

    Sedgwick denied my medical claims for the last three years.

    My attorney lied and stated that they would pay for my surgery, I spoke to Mr. Gemmer/Gimble the adjuster, and he stipulated that I would not get reimburse for any of my out of pocket expenses, nor would any of my medical be paid.

    Yet they want a portion of my PI.

    Worker's Comp is yet another government scam.

    Did you know that as most have posted that your bills shall mount, and in the end YOU not worker's comp is responsible for the medical liens, to which your attorney puts you on.

    My case is going on it's third year.

    My injuries:

    Dislocated right ankle;

    Macerated Knees (both) with menicus damage;

    Dislocated Spinal Column.

    Social Security Disabilty as Sedgwick denies your claim, so it's impossible to get on disability - you have to wait three years from your second or third appeal, and you may still get denied.

    We need to boycott paying these GOVERNMENT SCAMS.

  187. Class Action Lawsuit, is there one going against Sedgwick or Kroger (Ralph's)?

  188. Our government is in bed with these scam artists. I imagine someone in the White House concocted this Worker's Comp Scam as another money laundering scheme to rob from it's constituents.

  189. Try getting your medical records - I can't.

    I want to send it to a ortho surgeon abroad, so I can get treated (my own expense). Well, trying to raise the funds.

    I am not going to wait for something that may never happen with the government scamming American Citizens.

  190. Observations while waiting to see Disability doctor.

    Herds of immigrants (Hispanics) are bused in, and led for a conference discussing how to get worker's comp. Most hispanics would confront me, and stated to get an attorney, then collect an easy $25,000.00.

    Hedging that most might be used for drug companies experimental drugs, or physicians new treatments - may include myself.

    I had an odd confrontation with a cross dresser (man guise as a woman) - he threaten to beat me up right in the doctor's waiting room. Is this a THREATENING STANCE, and why?

    Yeah, you're followed, watched, and even your neighbors are involved - how much are they being paid?

    Illuminati theater stalking, who knows.

    It truly is scary and perilous times.

    Can't wait for a Civil Revolution as that seen in 1775. None of these internet blogging.

    But a real lock and load use a gun and go to war.

  191. Dear Anonymous friend above,
    I can certainly understand your frustration at being injured and your feelings of abandonment; it is an extremely difficult place to be and I agree we are living in perilous times for a number of reasons.

    I would ask you my friends to ascribe to a commitment of non-violence in your future battles. Violence solves nothing and will leave you as the ultimate victim in the end. You have suffered enough. I hope that you are able to find someone that will help you and ease the pain in your burning heart.

    Best regards,


  192. It is true, If you are injured at work,you must seek an attorney as soon as you can. The claims examiner will call you like they are all caring and going to fix you so you can get back to work.( I know... that is all that any of us want) But guess what.....They are filthy f*&$^%#$% liars and will lead you into the great abyss of placating you to believe that you are going to get medical attention, behind the scenes they are delaying your care, denying your benefits and completely making you a pariah at your work. They are building a case against you, they are finding anything you have ever done(that isn't work realated) any injury you have ever had prior(will be the reason you are injured(not from work)and paying thier Doctor's to report that there is something wrong with you but they don't know what and maybe you need a pyschiatrist. You don't believe it now, but just wait, you will.Only in America, Bingo! Start over.It has been five years since my work injury and my life has changed alot, all i can say to you is don't give up hope, If you are recently filed claim, yell scream bitch cry and moan until you get fixed,EVERYDAY!

  193. To the person who worked for Cost co, i worked for Costco Wholesale, i've been fighting for about 5yrs. with Sedgewick. I suffered the same injuries as u did and also use cathedors because of it. They're horrible people, u gotta keep on fighting, i've been where ur @, don't give up..

  194. Hi Rob I spoke to you a long while back about a workers comp case involving the SF Giants and Sedgwick CMS. I had my Trial 2/17/11 and it's still under consideration. My Manager, Bill Dion, from the Giants showed up as a witness. During his testimony he was asked if he had leaned anything about me during the time he had known me. He said that he had learned through a telephone conversation with his manager Anne Marie Hastings that that I was seen shooting up at a bar, and seen in the bathroom with a hypodermic needle in my arm and that a ambulance had to be called as a result. I have never shot up any drugs in my life. I spoke with an attorney and he said I can't seek any damages for something that was said in court. I haven't worked in a year so I can't pay an attorney a retainer to investigate it. I am concerned that this slander may keep me from getting a job in the future. I'm not really sure what to do. I know you're not an attorney. But have you ever dealt with being slandered in court?

  195. How is this for evil? AT&T told a terminally ill employee to return to work (of course Sedgewick said she must return on a certain day, becuase her illness was not preventing her from working). Obviously, the lady could not return to work, she had terminal cancer. She was fired by AT&T and died a week later. How is that for STD and human compassion?

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  197. Jan:

    You and your children are covered under your husband's social security.

    Contact your local social security office.