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If you, a family member or friend are being Terrorized or Victimized by Sedgwick Claims Management Service. You have come to the right place.

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Welcome to the Sedgwick CMS Crime consolidation page.  If You, a family member or friend are being terrorized by David North and his minions you have come to the right place.  Here you will find a collection of information that will better equip you and the ones that you love for the battle ahead.


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This Petition Needs 100K signatures before March 7, 2014!!





Is Tom’s of Maine a “Toxic Employer” ?





Financing the Destruction of American Families
Sedgwick CMS AT&T  True Terror Story

Hellman & Friedman LLC
Stone Point Capital LLC
Sedgwick Claims Management Services


Sedgwick Claims Management Services Launches Vicious Attack Against Former Employee / Whistleblower RE: Bridgestone Tire in Texas Federal Court


US Senator to Feds.  'Investigate Sedgwick CMS Business Practices, Now!'


Insurance Claims Payments


Based on Race?


Apparently Sedgwick CMS Thinks So.



 Click on the Image above or HERE to download the Court Filing Describing these despicable activities. p 12


So my friends the question is quite simple, Why would the companies reflected below be so proud  and even advertise, of business relationships with an entity that refers to ventilator dependent quadriplegic people of color as niggers?


"Partners in Crime"




Ignorant of the facts?



You Decide!




Read the Article Below friends, This piece by Roger Baron provides excellent information for claimants relating to plan documents!


 Service of a ‘proper request’ upon the plan administrator: a
key step in defending against ERISA reimbursement claims




Sedgwick CMS / Home Depot Eledr Abuse Scam




EEOC Files Class Action Lawsuit Against AT&T for Age Discrimination



 Sedgwick CMS
Bank of America
Hellman & Feiedman
A Bad Investment in Healthcare and Human Rights!





Sedgwick CMS named Defendant in Federal Racketeer Influence and Corrupt Organizations Act, 18 USC §1961 et seq (RICO).





So,  just what is Sedgwick Claims Management Services, anyway?


A third party administrator (TPA) is an organization that processes insurance claims or certain aspects of employee benefit plans for a separate entity.[1] This can be viewed as "outsourcing" the administration of the claims processing, since the TPA is performing a task traditionally handled by the company providing the insurance or the company itself. Often, in the case of insurance claims, a TPA handles the claims processing for an employer that self-insures its employees. Thus, the employer is acting as an insurance company and underwrites the risk. The risk of loss remains with the employer, and not with the TPA. The employer may also contract with a reinsurer to pay amounts in excess of a certain threshold, in order to share the risk for potential catastrophic claims. An insurance company may also use a TPA to manage its claims processing, provider networks, utilization review, or membership functions. While some third-party administrators may operate as units of insurance companies, they are often independent.



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Please take the time to read the stories consolidated here and then make the decision to just say no.  It is very important for our readers in government agencies to "protect those, that they are paid to serve".  These people have suffered the most despicable of actions and deserve your attention and support.






Sedgwick CMS Terror Tactics!


Did you know that Sedgwick CMS uses local police agencies to intimidate claimants by filing false police reports and "crank calls" to law enforcement agencies and EMS Services.  The two stories below reveal the terror and humiliation of ATT Employees at the hands of Sedgwick CMS.




Forgery Anyone?


GE Disability Benefits Center and Agents for Metropolitan Life Insurance use Fraudulent Medical Releases "from" University of California Davis Health System to obtain Confidential, HIPAA medical records (Click Here for the full Story)





ERISA Civil Violations


Examples include:


  • Failing to operate the plan prudently and for the exclusive benefit of participants.

  • Using plan assets to benefit certain related parties to the plan, including the plan administrator, the plan sponsor, and parties related to these individuals.

  • Failing to properly value plan assets at their current fair market value, or to hold plan assets in trust.

  • Failing to follow the terms of the plan (unless inconsistent with ERISA).

  • Failing to properly select and monitor service providers.

  • Taking any adverse action against an individual for exercising his or her rights under the plan (e.g., being fired, fined, or otherwise being discriminated against).


ERISA Criminal Provisions


EBSA also conducts investigations of criminal violations regarding employee benefit plans such as embezzlement, kickbacks, and false statements under Title 18 of the U.S. Criminal Code. Prosecution of these criminal violations are handled by U.S. Attorneys' offices, see Criminal Enforcement News Releases. Title 18 contains three statutes which directly address violations involving employee benefit plans:


  • Theft or Embezzlement from Employee Benefit Plan (18 U.S.C. Section 664)

  • False Statements or Concealment of Facts in Relation to Documents Required by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (18 U.S.C. Section 1027)

  • Offer, Acceptance, or Solicitation to Influence Operations of Employee Benefit Plan (18 U.S.C. Section 1954).


ERISA also contains the following criminal provisions:


  • Section 411, Prohibition Against Certain Persons Holding Certain Positions

  • Section 501, Willful Violation of Title I, Part 1

  • Section 511, Coercive Interference. Persons convicted of violations enumerated in section 411 are subject to a bar from holding plan positions or providing services to plans for up to 13 years.




Sedgwick CMS Taking Aim at


America's Veterans









ATT / SBC Tales of Terror!



ATT Travel Policy


Lawsuit against AT&T and Sedgwick a.k.a. (SMAART)-We Need Your Help!


Brent's Story, More tales of Terror


Sedgwick CMS / ATT Disability "Scam" Exposed


Eric's Story


Sedgwick CMS Taking Aim at America's Veterans


Gus in "Gitmo"


Gus goes to the IME


Carol's Story (on the ATT Freedom Fighter Page)


CWA Members, Email us Your Stories! NOW!


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Home Depot Horror!


The Darien Smith Tragedy (Court Documents)


Sedgwick CMS' Lawyer argues to "kill" Mr. Smith.


The Darien Smith Outcome (after 11 years of fighting)


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I worked for FEDEX and injuired my back  (4 discs) and have had 4 surgeries on 2 of the discs.  I have had nothing but problems with Sedgwick, when I have had to go to Workers Comp hearings they never showed up.  They even sent my personal information to a data entry company and someone from the company stole personal informationfrom injured employees all I got was a letter stating that they were sorry and they would pay for the credit reports, I never gave them information to give my inoframtion to anyone or any other company. Isn't that invasion of my privacy.  They always have been hard to deal with I just NEVER giver up and have since been put on disability.  I went from making 16.00 an hour 60 hours a wek to a poverty level.  Its just ashame they are able to treat people the way the do.  I understand that there are some people who try to just get what they can and fake injuries but when a person has a definete injury and have more than one doctor opinion and they still fight you tooth and nail.  It isn't right.  Not only do people go through the pain and suffering of the injury, but also problems with bills, personal pfoblems in their marriages and with their families.  Then y=if the person is allowed to go back to work on any level or if they have to find another job that person if they get a new job is completely under a microscope.  Most of the time they are turned down for a new job in fear they may file a claim against the new employer.  So either way you again get the screws put to you.  There are so many ways that this injury has affected my life and no one wants to be opne and talk about these things.  Not DR. Phil or Oprah, they are all afraid.  It is also a political thing as well.  The insurance companies pay off the  politicians to vote a certain way to protect the insurance companies.  There is more to that than most people know as well, thats another story and a good one too.   But if evvery one gives up[ and these people get off by neglecting their duties to pay for docotors and prescriptions and treatment they will keep doing it.  Keep copies of everything and if you have to send information to the insurance companies do so by delivery confirmation.  DON'T GIVE UP KEEP FIGHTING THEM FOR WHAT IS YOUR RIGHT TO HAVE TREATMENT FOR YOUR ON THE JOB INJURY.


I would sue them for giving my information to the data entry company if I could find an attorney that would take the case.